Paris City Hall is suing the region

Paris City Hall, led by Anne Hidalgo (PS), announced Thursday entrust the Île-de-France region to the administrative court, led by Valerie Pécresse (LR), to launch a consultation on the project for a dedicated carpool on Boulevard Périphérique. The municipality considers this online poll illegal open until the end of November, which addresses the following issues: “For or against removing a path for the entire device?”.

“This consultation in an iconoclastic form is not based on a regional decision”, says Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy mayor. For him, “This consultation announcement is the announcement by candidate Valérie Pécresse” within the primary internal to the LR, which decreases “At a very bad time”. Appeal to the Administrative Court is not suspensory, “In the absence of urgency” of this case, but it is the intention of the municipality “Subsequently show the discredit and illegality of this consultation”.

58,000 participants to date

In terms of realities, Mr Grégoire confirms that the region and Île-de-France Mobilités have “Funded, with Paris, many studies” on the transformation of the roads, and that some of them “Proposed creation of reserved lanes for public transport”, and therefore to carpooling, among other. For the region, “This referendum was planned” in the program for regional elections due to “The ring road is of regional interest”, according to Mrs Pécresse. “40% of journeys are made from suburb to suburb without entering Paris”.

Nowadays, 58,000 voters responded. “It is clear that participatory democracy and the consultation of Ile-de-France and the Parisians are bothering the town hall”, adds the same source. By approving an agreement with Solideo (Olympic Book Publishing Company) and Paris 2024 (Organizing Committee) on the financing of traffic simulations regarding “Olympic tracks”, reserved for athletes, media, official, rescue and law enforcement during the games, the town hall again confirms that the reserved track on the ring road and its equipment (fitness cameras, sensors, signage) “Will be preserved to allow the creation of a lane reserved for carpooling and other virtuous ways”, a project that Valérie Pécresse is passionate about.

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