Subtle Medical becomes the first partner Siemens Healthineers welcomes aboard their new open recon¹ interface

The partnership could impact millions of MRI studies worldwide into a significant AI partnership in healthcare

MENLO PARK, California, November 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Subtle Medical, a key provider of artificial intelligence (AI) medical imaging solutions, and Siemens Healthineers, a leading medical technology company, today announced a partnership to integrate Subtle Medical’s SubtleMR imaging software into Siemens’ MRI imaging software Healthineers. SubtleMR ™ will be incorporated into Siemens Healthineers’ planned reconstruction pipeline, Open Recon. SubtleMR is designed to offer DL (deep learning) finishing to reduce noise and increase sharpness for most MR sequences.

(PRNewsfoto / Subtle Medical, Inc.)

(PRNewsfoto / Subtle Medical, Inc.)

This milestone marks how powerful collaborations are between AI innovators and scanner manufacturers for better imaging.

Siemens Healthineers’ planned Open Recon interface is designed to enable third-party image reconstruction and finishing solutions to be directly integrated into the reconstruction pipeline. This way, no additional image export is required and the results are directly available on the scanner console. The reconstruction including finishing with SubtleMR is planned to be selectable in the user interface.

“We are proud to be the first AI technology company to have entrusted Siemens Healthineers with their innovative new Open Recon interface,” said Dr. Ajit Shankaranarayanan, Chief Product Officer at Subtle Medical. “This milestone highlights the power of collaboration between AI innovators and scanner manufacturers to deliver the most robust imaging solutions to providers and the best possible care for patients worldwide.”

Health systems have long wanted to be patient-centered, and patients have developed their sense of what a positive experience should be. Artificial intelligence has proven to be a promising tool for enabling improved patient comfort with faster imaging examinations along with higher quality imaging to support more timely and accurate diagnosis. Subtle Medical’s deep learning-driven SubtleMR ™ improves the image quality of accelerated MRI scans, enabling both a better patient experience and a more efficient MRI program. The technology is generalizable to most body parts and sequences. Both companies are looking forward to the new collaboration.

“Our commercial teams could not be happier with this new partnership. The combination of Subtle Medical’s unique AI software tools with the advanced MRI scanners from Siemens Healthineers will enable radiologists and radiographers to fully realize the clinical and operational benefits of Subtle Medical’s AI solutions worldwide, “he said Josh Gurewitz, Chief Commercial Officer at Subtle Medical.

Subtle Medical’s suite of clinically validated AI-powered software solutions, SubtleMR ™ and SubtlePET ™, increases the efficiency of imaging by improving the quality of both accelerated and low-dose imaging. Subtle’s solutions are compatible with all scanner models and field strengths, so institutions can see the benefits across their entire scanner fleet. Meet with Subtle Medical at RSNA 2021.

1) The product is still under development and not commercially available yet. It is not for sale in the United States. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

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