That’s how Michelle Battersby avoided burnout

As a 25-year-old, Michelle Battersby quit her job at a major investment bank following a conversation with Bumble’s global chief executive. Battersby went on to launch the highly successful dating app in Australia before moving on to another successful start, Keep it Cleaner, as their marketing manager. Now she has taken the plunge to start her own company, a creator app called Sunroom.

The journey from idea to launch is often forgotten when we think of successful start-ups. It’s hard to remember when looking through Forbes’ wealth list that most entrepreneurs have been through periods where they’ve struggled to maintain momentum or deal with self-doubt.

In this episode, Sunroom founder joins business reporter Amelia McGuire to unpack how she maintains momentum and handles periods of self-doubt in her career.

Battersby said COVID-19 lockdowns may have saved her from burning out, “Everyone was forced to just sit still. I absolutely hated having to stop,” she said.

Although she had been thinking about starting her own company for a while, Battersby was apprehensive when she was first contacted regarding Sunroom, “I have often felt that there is an extra layer of pressure after doing Bumble, and that was a really successful experience and then finished, Keep it Cleaner and it’s also successful when you finally take the plunge to find something, you feel the pressure to do it again and live up to expectations and not fail yourself or anyone else, ” she said.

“I also think that fear of failure can also be a great motivating force if you learn to channel it in the right way,” she said.

She says it’s easy to stay motivated when you’re surrounded by a team that’s so passionate: “I feel like I’ve been three weeks away from the launch for seven months … we’re constantly circulating the winners, sharing things and gather us around each other, “she said.

According to Battersby, the creative economy is just rising, “I do not think we have seen anything yet,” she said.

She said the “instant feedback loop” that creators provide will continue to grow as time goes on and that that level of fire availability has never been reached before.

“The fact that creators attended the Met Gala, I think, is a great indication of the influence these people have and the power they have. I strongly doubt that Anna Wintour thought she would invite creators to the Met itself. three years ago, let alone five, ”she continued.

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