The Black Friday Nest Hub (2nd generation) deal is the one you were hoping for

Nest Hub is such a practical piece of technology. Not only can you use one to rotate through your thousands of photos of your cat, you can use it to listen to the new Adele, see LeBron boot fans from their seats at the farm, see the cameras you unnecessarily bought to turn your house into a secure connection, track your sleep and loud snoring, and shout to Google Assistant for reminders and shopping lists. It really has an endless amount of tasks it can perform.

If you do not own one already or you need one more, because ‘Pepper, that Black Friday Nest Hub (2nd generation) deal is such a good one. For $ 50 off, you can grab this little smart display for $ 49.99 at any retailer that happens to be selling it.

I can tell you that I have some sort of a smart screen in a few rooms in my house at this point that all get lots of use. The one in my office (a Nest Hub Max) is great for daytime reminders, a quick Duo chat with my wife, and occasionally turning on YouTube TV or Twitch. The one in my bedroom is a Nest Hub (2nd generation), which I have tested sleep tracking a bit, but mostly used it for bedtime tasks (turning off lights, setting temperature, etc.) and as a bed clock. The old Lenovo thing in my kitchen is a first-generation smart screen, but it still works well for timers, opening a recipe here and there, video chatting, and managing my shopping list.

I’m a big fan of smart display.

$ 50 off Black Friday!

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