the peak of admissions could be reached in early December

The number of daily admissions associated with Covid-19 is expected to reach 750 next week, according to models from the Pasteur Institute.

“According to forecasts made by Institut Pasteur, the top of [cinquième] wave of patients with severe Covid hospitalized in critical care could be reached from early December, then next week on the French mainland, “Jérôme Salomon said on Thursday, speaking from the Ministry of Health.

Increase in hospital cases

Currently, according to the figures he transferred during this press conference dedicated to new measures to combat the epidemic, France has 8,755 patients admitted due to Covid, including 1,483 in critical care. “New hospital admissions and critical admissions are also increasing nationally,” he said. According to CovidTracker figures, there are an average of 119 emergency rooms for Covid-19 every day, an increase (+ 37%) from last week, and 558 hospital admissions for Covid-19 every day, an increase of 43%.

“People who are hospitalized today are largely unvaccinated, elderly or particularly fragile, especially immunosuppressed,” Jérôme Salomon said Thursday.

The famous “projections made by the Institut Pasteur” mentioned by Jérôme Salomon under the press item are available directly on the Institute’s website. And allow us to measure the extent that this fifth wave could take in the hospital.

According to these models, the number of daily hospitalizations associated with Covid-19 may increase to 750, compared to 558 at present. And in terms of daily emergency admissions, again linked to Covid-19, they are expected to rise to just over 200 a day next week, up from 119 at present. The latter is therefore expected to almost double.

If what Jérôme Salomon announced turns out to be true, that is, these models from the Institut Pasteur would actually represent the top of the fifth wave of admissions, then the latter would turn out to be more or less the same as the known. in August. At that time, at the height of wave four, there were 904 daily admissions. Far from the more than 3,000 counted during the first wave in March 2020.

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