“The smallest bar that goes wrong …”, the terraces of La Plaine on borrowed time

Four small meters and then there it is? The bars, snacks and restaurants of Place de la Plaine have not gone far from seeing the surface of their terrace drastically reduced. This four-meter limit comes from a recommendation from Marseille firefighters, who are concerned without being able to expose a large ladder to access the floors of buildings in the event of fire or necessity.

“Before the renovation work on the site, Soléam [la société d’aménagement qui a conduit les travaux et opère pour le compte de la métropole] had promised us our current area, ”notes Hazim El Moukaddem, president of the La Plaine Association of Merchants. Yes, but here it is, it had also promised the naval firefighters an access road during the discussions that started in 2016 in conjunction with the former municipality, about the renovation of the place.

“We’ll get the baby back. Maybe Soléam made promises she knew she could not keep,” wonders Roland Cazzola, a local councilor in charge of public space. undertook to reinstate them all knowing that there would be only 185 places for 250 stalls “, assures the elected representative.

Quickly removable furniture

The municipality of Marseille, however, seems to have reached a compromise between the naval firefighters and the local lemonades, who were to keep their terraces. “Over four meters, coffee machines will install light plastic furniture, which can be moved easily and quickly if necessary. No parasols with weighted feet, e.g. In addition, training will be organized in the immediate removal of furniture every three or four months, ”explains Rolland Cazzola. “Check and test will be performed to ensure that the rods play the game … On the other hand, the least that is missing …”, he warns. To ensure this pressure, the concession contracts will be renewed every six months and not every three years, as is usual.

Enough to satisfy the tenants who without it prepared to reduce the sails sharply. “It was simple. We did the math: From 20 to 30 tables on average at each of the ten companies in the area, we went down to three or four. Suffice it to say that under these conditions, the manager alone can run his bar alone, and it’s a shame for the 60 jobs in the various establishments, ”sums up Hazem El Moukaddem.

Another element that is taken into account and noted both by the elected representative and by Hazem El Moukaddem is the management of the security on the square, partly provided by the bars themselves, which together employ four to eight security guards, depending on the evening. “We know he’s resolving a lot of conflicts,” Rolland Cazzola admits. A detail that matters.

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