Tony Pollard’s kickoff return answers Marcus Mariota’s touchdown run

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys

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The Cowboys and Raiders swapped touchdowns in the third quarter.

Las Vegas went 75 yards in six games on their second possession of the second half.

Hunter Renfrow began the drive with a 31-yard catch-and-run. Two games later, Derek Carr found Renfrow again for an 11-yard win. Carr was on the ground when Micah Parsons and another Cowboys defender stepped over and around him, and Carr’s head appeared to be on one knee.

Carr grabbed his helmet and referee Shawn Hochuli dropped a late flag. It did not appear to be a serious incident by the passer-by, but it was Hochuli’s call.

Carr was also never sent off the field for a concussion check.

Marcus Mariota scored on a 3-yard touchdown run to give Las Vegas a 24-13 lead.

The Cowboys responded 13 seconds later. So long did it take Tony Pollard to go 100 yards on a kickoff return. Dallas went after 2 after a leverage penalty on the Raiders on the successful extra point. However, Cedrick Wilson made a disastrous appearance.

The Raiders now lead 24-19.

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