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A 60-year-old man from Vancouver who ‘wanted to go home with a buck’ has been fined $ 6,000 and given a five-year hunting ban for shooting two deer with a crossbow while strolling through Princeton center in October 2020.

The man shot two deer bucks in a residential area near midnight, the RCMP said. A witness who was worried about seeing a man walking through the city with a crossbow called the police.

The man wearing full camouflage shot the deer on October 21, 2020, according to Princeton RCMP Sgt. Rob Hughes.

Police found the man near the Subway restaurant on Highway 3. He told police he had been hunting in the area for two days without seeing a deer and “wanted to go home with a buck.”

The RCMP seized a crossbow, arrows and four rifles from the suspect’s vehicle.

Conservation officers later took over the investigation. One deer was found dead that night, while the other deer was seen in the area the following day. It had a crossbow bolt stuck to its chest and COs were forced to put it down, Conservation Services said Wednesday.

The 60-year-old pleaded guilty in Princeton Provincial Court to hunting without reasonable consideration for other people’s lives, safety or property, hunting in a closed season and hunting during prohibited hours; all offenses under the BC Wildlife Act.

The majority of the punishment will go to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, BC Conservation said.

The man was also ordered to repeat the CORE hunter training. His crossbow was lost.

“Unsafe hunting practices, especially in the dark of a residential area, can put people at significant risk. The Conservation Officer Service hopes that this remarkable punishment will deter others from similar activities,” Conservation said in a statement.

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