VTC: Bolt’s big ambitions in Lyon

The Estonian company Bolt, whose numbers have exploded this year in France, manages its entire network in southeastern France from Lyon. The operator’s director in France says he has ambitions for the Lyon metropolis.

Estonian private driver Bolt, formerly Taxifly, positioned itself in January 2020 as a “better-priced” platform in terms of social measures for its drivers: better pay, taking into account the special conditions and geographical diversity of the city and its outskirts. real road conditions, freedom to choose races and display of departure and destination addresses … A way to stand out from the competition from Lyon, which is strong with four national operators and one local.

Become number one in Lyon

Since then, there have been some incarcerations. The operator’s France director, Julien Mouyeket, was in Lyon a few days ago. The capital of the Gauls is in fact its command center for south-eastern France: deposits in Nice, Marseille and Montpellier are controlled from Part-Dieu. Grenoble and Saint-Etienne will be added very soon. “Today we have 80% of the thousands of drivers in the region on the platform, Julien Mouyeket moves forward. Our goal is to reach 100% quickly. “ (a driver can work on multiple platforms at the same time, editor’s note).
On the user side, since Bolt’s efforts in 2021 to establish itself, the completed trips have increased by 600%, the user base has been multiplied by six or 110,000 active users (who used the app within a reasonable period of approximately time). ).

Apply for other activities: delivery, self-service vehicles, etc.

The service is divided into two offers, one cheaper than the competitors, called Eco, and one more expensive, called Bolt. It is the latter that drains most of the activity, by a policy of reductions of 30 to 50%, which Bolt continues to “scrape” the market share of leading Uber. Bolt intends to continue in this way until he became number one in Lyon, without revealing the target number.

For the company has completed an international fundraising of 600 million euros this summer. A majority of the amount should be set aside for development, and France, and then Lyon, should benefit from it: a poster campaign to advertise the brand, a driver recruitment policy and the possibility of applying to the city to implement a self-service vehicle or food delivery service are announced. . “It’s not for now, but there are opportunities”, temperament Julien Mouyeket, who confirms for Lyon “A very ambitious budget”.

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