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That’s more than 40 years ago Everyone in the family the series final was broadcast. The groundbreaking sitcom, which dealt with controversial social issues and centered a working-class family in New York, aired for nine seasons and was hugely popular. Stars Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton, who played Archie and Edith Bunker, have both since passed away. But the woman who played their daughter Gloria is still a acting actress. Everyone in the family was one of the first roles Sally Struthers took on and it ended up changing her life.

Today, Struther’s is 74 years old and still in the business. Read on to find out what she’s been doing since her run on the legendary comedy ended.

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Sally Struthers in 2016
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Struthers played Gloria from 1971 to 1983, not just that Everyone in the family, but also the show’s spinoffs, Gloria and Archie Bunker’s place. Other notable TV roles include Nine to five, Almen Hospital, and Still standing. She also lent her voice to the 90s sitcom Dinosaurs, portrays teenage daughter Charlene Sinclair. She has also starred in many movies and TV movies.

One of her most famous recent concerts was playing Babette Dell – Lorelai and Rory’s eccentric, cat-loving neighbor – at Gilmore girls. She repeated her role in Netflix’s revival of the series years later.

And people who grew up in the ’90s certainly remember Struthers’ stint in which she starred in commercials for the International Correspondence School, or ICS, and her famous opening remark: “Do you want to make more money? Yes, we all do. “

Today, Struther’s has two TV series on the way: Very scary stories and Uncertainty. She recently gave her voice to an episode of the podcast Around the Sun..

Rob Reiner, Sally Struthers, Carol O'Connor and Jean Stapleton in All in the Family
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In an interview in August 2021 with Denser weekly magazine, Struthers said she loved working with the cast, especially Carroll, who became like a father to her after her own father died three years before. Everyone in the family premiered.

“I was still feeling bad and fatherless when I got this show. Carroll and his wife, Nancy, turned out to be as parents with me as he was in the show, “she said.” Carroll gave me advice, he laughed at my jokes, he hugged me all the time – and he introduced me to my husband [William C. Rader, whom she divorced in 1983]! So I got a dad again by doing that show. “

Sally Struthers in 2018
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While her list of film and TV credits is long, Struthers also appears on stage fairly regularly. A recent production is the musical Always, Patsy Cline, where she has played the singer’s girlfriend and fan Louise on-and-off for several years. The actor’s CV also contains Wallys CafĂ©, The odd couple, and Cool, all on Broadway, and plays Miss Hannigan in a touring production of Annie in 1998.

“They fell in love with me as a family member on television 40 years ago. They love to scream when I do something naughty. I’m a little crazy and they love it,” she told Broadway World in 2013 about performing for a live audience.

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Sally Struthers and daughter Samantha in 1983
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Struthers and ex-husband Rader were married from 1977 to 1983. They share a daughter, Samantha Rader, who did not exactly grow up to follow in his mother’s footsteps. Instead, she went more in the direction of her psychiatrist father. Samantha is a clinical psychologist who developed her own therapy practice called Source Code Psychology.

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