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A Harvard nutritionist shares the 6 best brain foods you ‘aren’t eating enough of’

Much like the intricate relationship between the gut and brain, diet and mental health are inextricably linked – and the connection between them goes both ways: a lack of good dietary choices leads to an increase in mental health issues, and mental health issues in turn lead to poor eating habits.

When people learn that I am a psychiatrist, a brain health researcher, and a nutritionist, they often ask me how they should eat to maximize the awesome power of the brain.

Based on my work with hundreds of patients, below are the best brain-boosting foods that people aren’t eating enough of. Incorporating them into your diet can improve your mood, sharpen memory, and help your brain work at peak efficiency:

1. Spices

2. Fermented foods

3. Dark chocolate

4. Avocados

5. Nuts

6. Leafy greens

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