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List of sanctions imposed by the west against Russia over Ukraine invasion

The US, UK and EU have adopted sanctions aimed at freezing the assets of President Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, in response to the war in Ukraine. They also plan to place sanctions on the Russian central bank and remove some of the country’s lenders from the Swift global payments system, in addition to other economic sanctions. Other allies, including Japan, Canada, Australia and South Korea, have also adopted sanctions.

Here is a list of the main sanctions imposed so far by the US, UK and the EU.

  • President Vladimir Putin‘s foreign-held assets in the EU, US and UK are frozen, but he is still allowed to travel to those jurisdictions. The reason for the asset freeze, according to the EU legal text published on Friday, is his recognition of the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk, ordering the Russian armed forces into those areas and for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

  • Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, is also subject to an EU, UK and US asset freeze for being “responsible for and actively supporting actions undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, as well as stability and security in Ukraine”. He is still allowed to travel.

  • Sergei Shoigu, Russian defense minister, and Aleksandr Bortnikovhead of the Russian security service (FSB), are both on the EU and US travel ban and asset freeze list.

  • Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian armed forces, is now on the UK and US travel ban and asset freeze list. He was already blacklisted by the EU in 2014.

  • Russian parliament: The EU imposed sanctions on 351 members of the Russian Duma, placing them on a travel ban and asset freeze list, while the UK took that measure only against members of the Duma and Federation Council who voted to recognize the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. The US had previously imposed sanctions on the head of the Duma.

  • Russian security council: Council members are on the EU and US travel ban and asset freeze lists.

  • Belarus officials: The EU and the US placed military, government and border officials from Belarus on their asset freeze and travel ban list for helping to plan and actively supporting the Russian military offensive against Ukraine.

  • Kirill ShamalovRussia’s youngest billionaire and previously married to Putin’s daughter Katarina, is banned from traveling to the UK and his assets there are being frozen.

  • Petr Fradkovhead of Promsvyazbank and son of the former head of Russian foreign intelligence, is on the UK assets freeze and travel ban list.

  • Denis Bortnikovdeputy president of Russia’s second-biggest lender VTB and son of the FSB chief, is blacklisted in the UK, the EU and the US.

  • Yury Slyusardirector of United Aircraft Corp, and Elena Georgievachair of the board of Novikombank, a state-owned defense conglomerate, are banned from the UK.

  • Gennady TimchenkoRussia’s sixth richest oligarch who controls private investment firm Volga Group which has interests in energy, transportation and construction, is on the UK travel ban and asset freeze list.

  • Boris Rotenberg, a Russian oligarch who co-owns the largest construction company for gas pipelines in Russia, SMP Group, is under UK sanctions and so is his nephew Igor Rotenberga majority shareholder in Gazprom Drilling.

  • Violetta and Lyubov Prigozhinathe mother and wife of Yevgeny Prigozhin, who the EU says is responsible for sending Wagner Group mercenaries to Ukraine, are banned from the EU and will have their assets frozen.

  • Sergei Ivanova Russian senior official and politician who previously served in the KGB, and his son, Sergei, chief executive of Russian state-owned diamond mining company Alrosa and a board member of Gazprombank are both in the US sanctions list. So are Nikolai Patrushevsecretary of Russian’s security council, his son, Andreyformer chief executive of Gazprom Neft, oligarch Igor Sechin and his son Ivandeputy department head at Rosneft.

  • Senior executives at state-owned banks: Alexander Vedyakhin (Sberbank), Andrey Puchkov spirit Yuriy Soloviev (VTB), as well as Soloviev’s wife Galina Olegovna Ulyutinahave also been added to the US sanctions list.

  • Russia’s central bank: The EU already prohibits the “direct or indirect trade in investment services for. . . securities and money-market instruments issued after April 12, 2022. ” In addition, the US, UK, Canada and the EU seek to “impose restrictive measures that will prevent the Russian Central Bank from deploying its international reserves in ways that undermine the impact of our sanctions”.

  • Swift: A “select” number of Russian banks will be removed from the Swift international payments system to “ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally”, the US, UK, Canada and EU said in their joint statement Saturday. The banks are yet to be identified.

  • Sberbank: The US has cut off Russia’s biggest bank and 25 subsidiaries from the US financial system. The sanctions restrict Sberbank’s access to US dollar transactions. The financial institution accounts for close to a third of Russia’s banking system and is very connected to the global financial system.

  • VTB Bank: The US and the UK have frozen assets at Russia’s second-largest bank, which is heavily exposed to western financial systems. This means the bank and its subsidiaries will not be able to do any business in the UK or US or with their nationals.

  • Alfa-Bank spirit Bank Otkritie face an EU ban on issuing bonds, shares or loans in the EU for refinancing, while the US has imposed debt and equity restrictions on Alfa and full blocking sanctions on Otkritie.

  • The EU and the UK have imposed asset freezes on Bank Rossyia spirit Promsvyazbank. The US has also imposed full blocking sanctions on Promsvyazbank.

  • The US has issued full blocking sanctions against Sovcombank spirit Novikombank, while placing new debt and equity restrictions on Russian Agricultural Bank, Credit Bank of Moscow spirit Gazprombank.

  • Is Bank, Genbank spirit Black Sea Bank for Development and Reconstruction have been placed under sanctions by the UK.

  • VEB.RF, a major financial development institution and an important source of revenue for the Russian government, has been put under sanctions by the EU. It was already on the US and UK lists.

  • Belarus banks: The US imposed sanctions on two state-owned banks, Belinvestbank spirit Bank Dabrabyt, in response to Minsk’s participation in the Russian invasion. Additionally, two Minsk-based companies – real estate group Belinvest-Engineering and financial leasing company CJSC Belbizneslizing – are being listed for having acted on behalf of Belinvestbank.

  • In addition to targeting Russia’s largest financial institutions, the US has heavily restricted companies critical to the country’s economy from raising money through the US market. These include:

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