‘Kill them all, spare no one’: a massacre in Burkina Faso | Conflict

‘Kill them all, spare no one’: a massacre in Burkina Faso |  Conflict

Listen to this story: Dori, Burkina Faso – Hidden on his bus as he watched gunmen murder people below, the only thought that gave Abdoulaye Diallo any solace was the hope that if he died on a Friday, a holy day in Islam, he would go to heaven. “I knew I was going to be … Read more

House votes to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress

The House of Representatives has voted to scorn former Trump adviser Steve Bannon in Congress for ignoring subpoenas related to the investigation into the Jan. 6 insurgency, with the Justice Department now having to decide the persecution. What to do? you think? “Voting is how this whole mess started in the first place.” Huda Grieg, … Read more

Criticism of ARD and ZDF – “Isn’t about ‘cultural’ conflict, it’s about anti-Semitism”

e BlualeOOpllehlullu enl Penpe ZeOl Bt-Feppeu Oeekl. Valerie Weber, WDR program director for knowledge, economy and culture Source: pa / dpa / Horst Galus / Horst Galuschka Bt-Feppeu vel nlpoleuatlek etp Zupelelullu tel ple VBB-Vlppeupeketlppeupnua „Gnelhp“ uulaepekeu aevepeu – elu Zeaeelu and IkeOeu vle GtlOeveupet, Peuueplp-GuupnO upel Zupletleluel. ZeekpeO peheuul vnlpe, pepp Bt-Feppeu 09i2 eO … Read more

Bosnian Serb police exercise seen as separatist ‘provocation’ | political news

Bosnian Croat leaders call exercises “an obvious provocation,” but Serbian officials say it has nothing to do with Bosnia’s deep political crisis. Bosnian Serb police have conducted an ‘anti-terrorist’ exercise just outside the capital Sarajevo, an action that many see as another provocation by the Serbian separatist leadership. Friday’s exercise was held at the ski … Read more

Ethiopia hits Tigray on fourth day of air strikes | Conflict news

Ethiopia launched an airstrike on the capital of the northern region of Tigray for the fourth day this week as fighting intensified between the central government and regional forces. Government spokesman Legesse Tulu said Friday’s airstrike targeted a base formerly owned by the Ethiopian army and now used by Tigrayan rebel forces as a training … Read more

UN calls Syria constitution negotiations a ‘big disappointment’ | United Nations News

Syrian delegations have not agreed on new constitutional provisions and no new date has been set for the next discussions. Beirut, Lebanon – The sixth round of talks between the Syrian government, opposition and civil society groups on constitutional reforms has not yielded any meaningful progress, said United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen. … Read more

‘No country will be spared’ impact of climate change: US government | Climate change news

The Biden administration has released a series of reports from US intelligence and security agencies that sound the alarm about the risks the effects of climate change are expected to pose to global stability and the national security of the United States. Assessments by the US intelligence community, the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland … Read more

Ethiopia launches fourth airstrike on capital Tigray this week | Conflict news

The government says the attack targeted a facility in Mekelle used for military training, but TPLF says the plane did not hit any targets. Ethiopia has said it has launched another airstrike on Mekelle, the capital of war-ravaged Tigray, the fourth such bombing this week in a campaign it says targets rebel facilities. The latest … Read more

Six Pakistani security personnel killed in separate attacks | Conflict news

Three separate attacks, including two attacks on security posts, are taking place in the western provinces of the country. Islamabad, Pakistan – At least six Pakistani security personnel have been killed in three separate attacks, including two raids on security posts in the country’s western provinces, the army says, the latest in a spike in … Read more