What a bullish Bank of America means for Wall Street and the economy

The Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Joe Daniel Price | Getty Images As banks reported second-quarter earnings, one thing stood out: Banks that focus on Wall Street were pessimistic about the outlook, and banks that mostly serve consumers and Main Street were much more bullish. The reasons for that aren’t hard to … Read more

How technology is helping improve financial inclusion around the world

skaman306 | Moment | Getty Images Millions of underbanked people around the world are finally getting access to financial products such as savings accounts, investing and loans. They have technology to thank. “There’s this new type of excitement about putting your money to work for you,” Flori Marquez, the founder and senior vice president of … Read more

What to do to be successful in a tough market

Lauren Niesz purchased a new home with her boyfriend in January after they were able to save more cash during the pandemic. Source: Lauren Niesz Like many people forced to work from home after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Lauren Niesz, 26, found the conditions were not necessarily ideal. Niesz, who rented a townhouse … Read more