Dying for Debt Relief: Why Are New York Taxi Drivers on Hunger Strike? | Debt News

New York City, the United States — When Richard and Kenny Chow moved their families to the United States from Taiwan in 1987, the iconic yellow cabs that transport New Yorkers from one place to another were a symbol of the city and the chance for a better life in their new home. House. . … Read more

China’s Evergrande Pulls Out of Default with Bond Payment | Business and economic news

The real estate giant now has at least a week to deal with its debt crisis. China Evergrande Group pulled out of the brink of default by paying a bond coupon before Saturday’s deadline, giving the real estate giant at least another week to come to grips with a debt crisis that has shaken investor … Read more

How do governments pay for COVID-19 debt? | Alan Kohler | ABC news

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Chinese central bank says Evergrande risks are ‘manageable’ | Debt News

China’s central bank broke silence on the debt crisis at China Evergrande Group, saying the risks to the financial system from the developer’s struggles are “controllable” and unlikely to spread. Authorities and local governments are resolving the situation based on “market-oriented and rule of law principles,” People’s Bank of China official Zou Lan said at … Read more

Can Evergrande Founder Save His Real Estate Empire? | Business and economic news

Four years after competing with Jack Ma for the title of Asia’s richest man, Evergrande chairman Hui Ka Yan’s fortunes are collapsing and his sprawling real estate empire is on the brink of collapse. It’s a stunning turnaround for a man who has fought his way out of poverty in rural China to build one … Read more

Wall Street Progresses as Debt, Energy Troubles Decline | Business and economic news

Markets have been ravaged in recent weeks by concerns about an energy crisis, increased inflation and reduced stimulus. Through Elaine Chen and Vildana HajricBloomberg US stocks rose on Thursday, supported by progress in talks on the US debt ceiling and easing concerns about the energy crisis in Europe. The S&P 500 climbed a whopping 1.5% … Read more

The ACT budget has set a course for better days, but another wave of COVID-19 could spell disaster

Just eight months ago, ACT Secretary of State Andrew Barr proudly announced that that area was recovering $300 million better than expected from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Experience would show that with a successful rollout of vaccination programs the worst is behind us,” said a cautious but optimistic Barr. The Prime Minister and Treasurer painted a … Read more

Contagion fears: After Evergrande, investors watch for redemption dates | Business and economic news

China’s real estate sector has defaulted on a dollar bond for the first time since Evergrande plunged deeper into crisis. Through Rebecca Choong WilkinsBloomberg China’s real estate sector has defaulted on a dollar bond for the first time since China Evergrande Group has sunk deeper into a crisis in recent weeks, fueling investor concerns about … Read more

Another billionaire helps Chinese Evergrande buy shares | Business and economic news

Chus is the latest billionaire family to help their friend, the founder of Evergrande, with a 51 percent purchase offer. Through Shawna Kwan and Venus FengBloomberg Another billionaire tycoon looks poised to come to the rescue of embattled developer China Evergrande Group. Hopson Development Holdings Ltd., a Hong Kong-listed real estate company controlled by the … Read more

US equities suffer biggest monthly loss since March 2020 | Financial Market News

Investors are eyeing things like the global energy crisis, the debate over the US debt ceiling and the US Federal Reserve’s plans to phase out some of its pandemic-related economic support. Through Rita Nazareth and Kamaron LeachBloomberg Volatility continued to swirl in financial markets, with US stocks posting their biggest monthly sell-off since March 2020. … Read more