Stock fund manager is beating the market and has tips for investors

It’s a tough year to be in the stock market, given the seemingly never-ending cycle of gyrations. Inflationary pressures remain elevated and with the Federal Reserve poised to pursue a more aggressive rate hike policy, a recession could be on cards. So how should investors trade this volatility? Fund manager Freddie Lait, a long-term investor, … Read more

JPMorgan names its winning and losing global stocks for the rest of the year

Analysts at JPMorgan have picked their likely winners and losers for the second half of 2022, naming stocks set to do well – or badly – when factors such as inflation, bond yields and oil prices are taken into account. The analysts identified several trends for the coming months after a volatile first half that … Read more

As the U.S. dollar trades at a 20-year high, Bernstein says these global stocks could benefit

Bernstein has named a raft of global stocks that it says could benefit from the rising strength of the US dollar.

Wall Street banks think these global stocks will benefit if stagflation takes hold

Bank of America and Jefferies name their top stocks to navigate the phenomenon of stagflation – when high inflation meets stagnant growth.

For vodka, trouble in America started before Russia invaded Ukraine

Empty spaces in the shelves of a vodka section of a Pennsylvania liquor store after Russian labels were removed. Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images The spirit of choice for James Bond to characters on “Mad Men” and “Sex and the City,” vodka has long held the dominant position in the US liquor market. … Read more

Beam Suntory sales rise 11% in 2021, fueled by shift to high-end spirits

In the last three years, Knob Creek bourbon has restored the nine-year age statement on its bottles, updated its label design and started selling 12-year and 15-year versions of its whiskey. Prices used to range from $ 25 to $ 50 a bottle, but now a bottle can set customers back anywhere from $ 36 … Read more

Tequila could overtake vodka as America’s top liquor as sales boom

An employee pours tequila into the popular Mountain Dew Baja Blast frozen drink at the new Taco Bell Cantina in Brookline, MA. John Tlumacki | Boston Globe | Getty Images Tequila could soon take over vodka as America’s favorite liquor, fueled by consumers’ desire for pricey bottles of agave-based spirits. Tequila and mezcal was the … Read more

Premixed cocktails steal share from beer and hard seltzer, propelling surging growth

Anna Elias | Moment | Getty Images Premixed cocktails were the fastest growing liquor category in 2021, stealing share from beer and hard seltzer. Sales of ready-mixed cocktails increased by 42.3% to $ 1.6 billion compared to a year earlier, according to the Distillered Spirits Council of the US. Ready-to-drink cocktails were next after vodka … Read more