Adelaide man acquitted of murder in Elizabeth Groff stabbing love triangle

An Adelaide man has been found not guilty of the murder of a man who had just been released from prison, after a fight over a love triangle. the main points: Hayden Sainsbury accused of stabbing Nigel Lowry to death Sainsbury’s brother-in-law and Mr. Laurie had children with Daniel Smith Sansbury has been found guilty … Read more

Trent Jason Miller Sentenced To Three Years Under Surveillance After Stabbing Nurse At Lyell McEwin Hospital

A hospital with barbed wire looking sculptures in front

A man who stabbed a nurse in the neck while she was taking a break from work at a hospital in Adelaide’s northern suburbs has been sentenced to three years in supervised custody. Most important points: Trent Jason Miller stabbed a nurse in the neck as she took a break at Lyell McEwin Hospital He … Read more

Adelaide Health Clinics failed to diagnose tuberculosis in two patients prior to their death, and questioned

Cases of tuberculosis are up in Australia, but two health clinics in Adelaide “failed” to diagnose and treat infectious respiratory diseases in their patients before it was too late, a medical investigation heard. the main points: Monineth Chum, nine, and Reema Sharif Kangeth, 29, died of tuberculosis in South Australia Today’s investigation heard about their … Read more

10 years after wrestler Randy Savage passed away, here are 10 most memorable moments

OOOOOOOOOh YEAAAAAAAAAH !!picture: AP It’s impossible to do this as a “greatest” list because there have been so many notable male moments throughout Randy Savage’s career. Even if you aren’t of a certain age, the Savage name likely still resonates with you or the people around you at some point. If you’re a fan of … Read more