How to convince your company to try a four-day work week

Xavierarnau | E + | Getty Images It’s no surprise that many people like the idea of ​​a four-day work week. Convincing your employer to test it out, on the other hand, may not be an easy task. Only a small number of employers offer a four-day policy, however, 40 companies in the US and … Read more

Companies fight for talent in tight labor market

Companies in Singapore are adjusting salaries and beefing up mental health benefits, bonuses, flexible working policies and more. Jayson_lys | E + | Getty Images In a normal year, lawyers at one of Singapore’s top four local law firms could expect to receive an annual increment of between 10% and 15%. The company said employees … Read more

Why this HR executive encourages her team to delete all the emails they get on vacation

Desiree Pascual is the chief people officer at Headspace Health and leads HR for around 1,000 employees. Despite a packed schedule during a hypergrowth phase of the company, it does not keep her from taking a three-week trip to Spain every summer to visit her parents. This year, she’ll be gone for most of July … Read more

managing your financial life using digital coins

Many people have bought and sold cryptocurrencies as an investment, yet trying to live on a salary paid in crypto is tricky. Alyssa Howell spent much of her career in the gold-mining industry before joining a crypto-wallet company last fall that pays all of its employees in bitcoin. The Denver area resident said learning the … Read more

Great Resignation changed the workplace for good, says expert who coined term

Morsa Images | Digitalvision | Getty Images There’s no turning back from the workplace changes brought about by the “Great Resignation,” according to the expert who coined the term. Organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz predicted in May 2021 that the Covid-19 pandemic would lead to pent-up resignations. Since that time, millions of Americans have quit their … Read more

Recruiters are going to extreme lengths to hire

A year since the US began seeing record turnover, exhausted recruiters are putting everything on the table. The recovering pandemic economy has proven to be a job-seeker’s market, with nearly 48 million people quitting a job last year and 76 million taking a new one. Still, the labor market currently has 11 million openings, according … Read more

Four-day workweek pilot program is now underway in the U.S. and Canada

No-mad | Istock | Getty Images The four-day workweek just became a reality for 38 companies across the US and Canada, at least for the next several months. The pilot program, being led by 4 Day Week Global, kicked off on Friday and is expected to last six months. Participating organizations include crowdfunding platform Kickstarter … Read more

Biden’s 2023 budget seeks to give more money for Social Security

US President Joe Biden speaks during an event at the Royal Castle, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in Warsaw, Poland, March 26, 2022. Aleksandra Szmigiel | Reuters President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for 2023 aims to give the Social Security Administration more funding to improve services. Some groups say the increase does not go far … Read more

Target date retirement funds work up to a point. When to reconsider

A retirement-savings option that can be smart at the outset of your career probably needs to be reexamined down the road. Target-date funds, as they’re called, offer a way to put your savings on autopilot: Holdings gradually shift away from riskier assets like stocks and toward more conservative investments (bonds and, perhaps, cash) as you … Read more