Some stocks are ‘summer rentals,’ available to move in and move out

In volatile July, investors may be treating some stock market trades like ‘summer rentals,’ or investments they just want to hold onto for a few weeks and then move on. Some of those names, among hard hit growth stocks, jumped Tuesday, and could see more upside in the short-term, technical strategists say. Stocks like Zoom … Read more

$150 oil won’t cripple economy, market: J.P. Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic

JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic predicts oil is surging higher – but so are stocks. Kolanovic, who serves as the firm’s chief global markets strategist and co-head of global research, believes the US economy is strong enough to handle oil prices as high as $ 150 a barrel. “There could be some potential further spikes in … Read more

Here are the ETFs that are working during this brutal year

The sharp market decline in 2022 has been broad, taking out nearly every stock sector, but there are some exchange traded funds that have reaped huge returns. Unsurprisingly, many of the best performers are those that bet against the broader market, which are known as inverse ETFs. ProShares, for example, has a suite of these … Read more

Natural gas surges 9% to highest level since 2008 as Russia’s war roils energy markets

A liquefied natural gas tanker berth in Japan, on Dec. 17, 2021. Should Japan ever exit the Sakhalin energy projects in Russia and their stakes were acquired by Russia or a third country, this would weaken the effectiveness of Western sanctions and benefit Russia, Japan’s industry minister said on Friday. Kiyoshi Ota | Bloomberg | … Read more

Energy stocks lead the market, these names are outperforming as tech swoons

Energy is far and away the top-performing S&P group this year amid a surge in oil and gas prices.

What stock pickers need to know about this earnings season, which could see some big misses

First quarter earnings season is here, and companies are expected to report fewer beats, more misses and more pressure on margins.

Reversing globalization could cause pain and profit for companies

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fast forwarded a shift away from globalization, and that will create challenges and opportunities for businesses and investors.

The bond market is sending a recession signal. Here's when investors should take it seriously

The alarm that warns of an approaching recession is only getting louder. Investors should pay close attention to this signal.

Why Big Oil and Biden can’t agree on oil prices amid Russia crisis

Permian Basin rigs in 2020, when US crude oil production dropped by 3 million a day as Wall Street pressure forced cuts. Paul Ratje | Afp | Getty Images When Devon Energy announced fourth-quarter earnings on Feb. 15, the world looked like its newly comfortable, fiscally conservative oyster. After losing nearly 90% of its value … Read more