Saudi Energy Ministry Builds Multi-Billion Riyal AI Team: Official

Saudi Energy Ministry Builds Multi-Billion Riyal AI Team: Official

Saudi Arabia’s energy ministry is building an artificial intelligence (AI) team with a multi-billion riyal budget, Yehia Khoja, an adviser at the ministry, said at the Youth Green Summit on Sunday. To develop Read more: Saudi Arabia aims for net zero emissions by 2060: Crown Prince Saudi’s Middle East Green Initiative Summit to Welcome 20 … Read more

Queensland’s coal belt is watching closely as the world discusses the phase-out of fossil fuels at climate talks in Glasgow

While the biggest names in global politics shake hands and make pleas about the future of global emissions next week, life in Queensland’s coal belt will quietly continue. Dinner is on the table, small businesses juggle books and first coffee is brewed on the night shift. World leaders will meet in Glasgow for the most … Read more

Moldova declares state of emergency over gas crisis | Oil and gas news

Moldova is looking for cheaper natural gas from Europe after traditional supplier Russia raises prices. The Moldovan parliament has approved the state of emergency requested by the government until November 20, as it seeks to reduce gas shortages amid rising world energy prices. The eternal flame at a World War II monument in the capital … Read more

Winter is coming? Oil falls from 3-year peak on warmer forecast | Energy news

A forecast for a warm winter in the United States put the brakes on a rally fueled by tight supplies and a global energy crisis. Oil fell $2 after hitting a three-year high of more than $86 a barrel on Thursday as a forecast for a warm winter in the United States put the brakes … Read more

Oil price begins to fall after China tries to tame coal prices | Business and economic news

Oil hit multi-year highs as a result of a global coal and gas crisis that drove the switch to oil for power generation. Oil prices fell after the Chinese government indicated it was looking for ways to tame record high coal prices and that it would ensure coal mines would operate at full capacity as … Read more

Brent oil closes above $85 a barrel for the first time in 3 years | Energy news

Meanwhile, the US crude oil benchmark closed at a new seven-year high. Through Julia Fanzeres and Devika Krishna KumarBloomberg Published on 19 Oct 2021 The global benchmark Brent closed above $85 a barrel for the first time since October 2018 amid a stronger stock market and ongoing concerns about a global energy crisis. Brent crude … Read more

Greece pledges to link Egypt to European Union energy market | Energy news

The connection would be via an underwater cable that carries electricity across the Mediterranean. Greece pledged on Tuesday to connect Egypt to the European Union’s energy market with a submarine cable that would carry electricity across the Mediterranean. “[Egypt’s] connection to Europe will be Greece,” said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis after talks in Athens … Read more

China’s Xi reverses recent attempts to wake up companies | Business and economic news

Chinese President Xi Jinping took a big gamble to shake up key industries ahead of a political rally that could decide whether to rule the country indefinitely. Now he starts to step on the brakes. In recent weeks, Chinese authorities have taken steps to ease sweeping policies to make the economy less dependent on debt, … Read more

Australian Politics Live: Scott Morrison in Final Conversations with Nationals on Net Zero | Australia news

Ready for more climate talk? Because you’ll hear a lot of them today. once again. Despite being one of the ruling parties for the past eight years, and heavily involved in the climate policy wars, citizens led by Barnaby Joyce, apparently had never thought of a net-zero target by 2050. All we heard yesterday was … Read more

Oil price reaches highest level in years | Business and economic news

Shortages of natural gas and coal from Asia to Europe are creating additional demand for oil products for energy generation. Oil prices hit their highest level in years on Monday as demand recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, boosted by increased use of power generators that are moving away from expensive gas and coal to fuel … Read more