Why investing experts favor low-fee ETFs and mutual funds

Everything from interest rates to corporate earnings to the amount of rainfall in a given year can affect the value of your portfolio. But these data points have nothing to do with you. However, over the course of your career as an investor, there is one factor you can control that has a direct impact … Read more

New ETF gears up to attract hesitant investors

Risk-averse investors have a new option to make safer bets on Tesla. Innovator ETFs launched the Innovator Hedged TSLA Strategy ETF (TSLH) – among other defined outcome products – last month. According to the ETF’s CEO Bruce Bond, it gives investors exposure to the stock while largely steering clear of volatility and valuation risks by … Read more

Buffer ETFs are beating the market in 2022 and delivering protection for patient investors

One of the best ways for ETF investors to beat the market this year has been to play it safe. So-called buffer ETFs, an options-based product that allows investors to protect against losses in exchange for capping potential upside, have handily beaten the S & P 500 in 2022, even with the recent rebound for … Read more

A wave of single stock and leveraged ETFs is coming — assessing the risks and opportunities

Single stock ETFs are here, and some people are not happy. A new spate of ETFs around single stocks has launched this week. These ETFs provide leveraged bets for and against individual companies. It’s the start of a wave of leveraged and inverse single stock ETFs that could eventually number in the hundreds, and it’s … Read more

This play may help investors avoid dramatic lows

It’s a class of exchange-traded funds designed to prevent your portfolio from hitting dramatic lows — but it may require a level of sophistication. The idea: Incorporate short-term delivered plays including covered call and risk-reversal strategies in order to help investors customize their own defensive strategies similar to hedging. However, it may come with an … Read more

New way to short Tesla with AXS Investments ETF

Investors have a new way to make bullish and bearish bets on large-cap stocks. AXS Investments launched eight of 18 approved single-stock leveraged ETFs this month. The funds aim to increase exposure of short-term single-stock investments. “They’re designed for active traders, traders that are looking to make tactical trading decisions on a daily basis,” the … Read more

What to assess for the rest of 2022

With remarkably high levels of uncertainty surrounding the economy and peak inflation, more investors are looking to reallocate their assets in the second half of the year. “The good news is a good portion of the multiple compression I think is behind us due to expectations for higher inflation,” Jason Trennert, chairman and CEO of … Read more

This type of ETF is seeing near-record inflows and pays dividends

It’s a type of ETF seeing near-record inflows. New data shows dividend exchange-traded funds totaling almost $ 50 billion in fresh money in the first half of 2022, according to Todd Rosenbluth of VettaF, a financial services company. “We recently did a survey of advisors at VettaFi, and dividend strategies were most popular in terms … Read more

2022 downturn is testing active ETFs. Find out if yours should be held

This year has delivered a brutal first half for investors, and those holding active equity exchange-traded funds are likely to be feeling the pain too. The S&P 500, which is off by more than 20% in 2022, capped off its worst first half since 1970. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite, swooning as the Federal Reserve raises … Read more

How ETF investors can pull through a bear market

A week of dramatic market swings has given rise to reactionary mistakes from investors who are increasingly trying to find their footing. With predictions of peak inflation disintegrated and a more aggressive approach to interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, experts say that ETF investors can make use of the volatility by taking certain … Read more