Brisbane’s Newest Suburb To Surpass Average Million Dollar Price

Brisbane has welcomed five new suburbs into the million dollar club. Real estate experts say the new additions are a result of the pandemic, lower interest rates, and a market catching up. So what is driving prices up the ladder and is it as simple as supply and demand? Brisbane’s new million-mark suburbs These are … Read more

A three-year-old boy with autism is missing in a remote building in New South Wales Hunter Valley

Land and air searches continue for a three-year-old boy with autism missing on a rural estate in the New South Wales Hunter Valley. Emergency services launched a large-scale search after Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak could not be located at the Yengo Drive property in Putty, just south of Singleton, on Friday afternoon. Anthony is a non-verbal … Read more

Adam Bandt says home prices are rising by $1,200 a day. Is he right?

Claim The seemingly unforgiving rise in home prices has been the subject of political debate for decades, with many blaming Australian tax rules for favoring investors over first home buyers. in a July 30 TweetGreen Party leader Adam Bandt has claimed home prices are rising by $1,200 a day, warning that younger workers are shutting … Read more

Egypt, Singapore Enter innovative frontiers at Africa Singapore Business Forum 2021

Egypt, Singapore Enter innovative frontiers at Africa Singapore Business Forum 2021 Former Singapore president Tony Tan Keng Yam (left) shakes hands with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi (right) in Cairo. In 1966 Egypt strengthened its relationship with Singapore, recognize it as a sovereign, independent state. Over the years, dialogues about trade and social interest have … Read more

What happened to John Gerrish and Ellen Chung? California family mysteriously found dead near remote hiking trail

John Gerrish and Ellen Chung were mysteriously found dead near Mariposa hike trail (Image via Instagram/Ellen Chung)

Avid hikers John Gerrish and Ellen Chung and their one-year-old daughter, Miju, were reportedly found dead along with their family dog ‚Äč‚Äčnear a hiking trail in Mariposa County on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office reportedly found the family vehicle near the gate of the Sierra National Forest and later discovered the … Read more

How to Master the Maven of the Strings in League of Legends Season 11

Sona guide in League of Legends Season 11, mastering the Maven of the Strings (Image via Riot Games)

Sona’s rework was one of the most anticipated changes in League of Legends season 11. Now that her tweaks are finally live, it looks like Riot Games has done a great job of making her another powerful pick. Since the start of Season 11 and the item system overhaul, many wizards, including Sona, struggled to … Read more

The best counters for Falinks

Falniks is a Fighting-type Generation VIII Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Falinks has joined the other Generation VIII Pokemon introduced through Ultra Unlock part 3 as a raid boss. Falinks is a pure Fighting type from the Galar region. There will soon be several other raid bosses for trainers to battle, including Galarian Weezing and Galarian Stunfisk. The moves for Falinks haven’t been released yet, but … Read more