How to buy a carbon-conscious fund in wake of Supreme Court EPA ruling

The Supreme Court last week limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change – and that may leave eco-conscious investors wondering what they can do. Certain investment managers offer funds meant to promote values ​​such as environmental preservation and social good, and those funds have become more popular … Read more

IRS boosts mileage rate deductions as gas prices soar to $5 a gallon

Guy Benhamou sends a picture of gas prices to friends while pumping gas at an Exxon Mobil gas station on June 9, 2022 in Houston. Brandon Bell | Getty Images If you’re self-employed or own a small business, you may soon be eligible for a little relief from soaring gas prices. Starting on July 1, … Read more

Charles Schwab will pay $187 million to settle SEC robo-advisor claims

The US Securities and Exchange Commission headquarters in Washington on Feb. 23, 2022. Al Drago / Bloomberg via Getty Images Charles Schwab agreed to pay $ 187 million to settle an SEC investigation into alleged hidden fees charged by the firm’s robo-advisor, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, according to an agency announcement on Monday. “Robo-advisor” is shorthand … Read more

The last chance for some tax filers to avoid late penalties is June 15

courtneyk | E + | Getty Images This week is the last chance to bypass a tax penalty if you’re earning money and the IRS still hasn’t received its share, according to the agency. While some employees pay taxes through withholdings, everyone else must make a second-quarter estimated payment by June 15 – and you’re … Read more

Tax planning begins when building your portfolio. Here’s what to know

Tetra Images | Tetra images | Getty Images If you’re still recovering from the tax sting of larger-than-expected mutual fund payouts in 2021, it’s never too early to prepare for future distributions, financial experts say. Mid-year capital gains distributions aren’t common, especially in a bear market year, said Russel Kinnel, director of manager research for … Read more

Picking a socially responsible fund can be confusing. Here’s what to know

Tetra Images – Erik Isakson | Brand X Pictures | Getty Images Investment funds that promote values ​​like the environment and social good have become more popular. But trying to pick a so-called ESG fund – especially one that aligns well with your interests – may seem about as easy as drying a towel in … Read more

Still missing your tax refund? You’ll soon receive 5% interest

Bill Oxford | E + | Getty Images If you’re still waiting for a tax refund, there’s a silver lining: it may be accruing interest, and the rate jumps to 5% from 4% on July 1, according to the agency’s latest quarterly adjustment. Typically, the IRS has 45 days after the filing deadline to process … Read more

18% of Americans plan to increase stock market investments this year

Thianchai Sitthikongsak | Moment | Getty Images The stock market’s roller-coaster ride is not inspiring confidence in investors. Still, a small portion do plan to take advantage of recent price dips. About 18% of Americans are willing to put more money into stock market investments this year, including retirement accounts, according to a recent survey … Read more

How to sidestep a tax bomb when selling your home

With soaring prices and record home equity, you may expect a profit from selling your property. But the windfall may trigger an unexpected tax bill next April. While home profits dipped slightly, the typical single-family seller still scored a $ 103,000 gross profit during the first quarter of 2022, according to ATTOM, a nationwide property … Read more

Here’s how young women are deciding how much to save for retirement

Drakula & Co. | Moment | Getty Images When it comes to retirement planning, earlier is generally better, but several factors affect how much young women are saving, according to financial experts. For retirement planning purposes, the demographic termed “younger women” may include Gen Zers, millennials and some Gen Xers with 20 years or more … Read more