Scientists scour Australian rivers in canoes in search of a new species of taro, the ‘food of the gods’ threatened by climate change.

A team of Queensland scientists traded their lab coats for oars and canoes, as they roamed the Brisbane River in search of ‘food of the gods’. the main points: Many Pacific countries depend on the roots of the taro plant as a source of food and income Climate change is increasing soil salinity, threatening crop … Read more

Food recall: Popular Weis ice cream products urgently recalled due to food safety concerns

A popular dessert sold in thousands of supermarkets across the country has been urgently recalled due to a serious food safety issue. A popular dessert sold in thousands of supermarkets in Australia has been urgently recalled due to a food safety issue that could potentially prove fatal. Unilever Australia has announced a recall of Weis … Read more

MRLA Offers Free Food Safety Classes for Kids – CBS Detroit

(CBS DETROIT) – Food is one thing that all people have in common and preparing safe and nutritious meals at home is a lesson many people hope to learn. “Wash your hands, keep hot food warm, keep cold food cold, separate meat and vegetables,” says Amanda Smith, vice president of education at the Michigan Restaurant … Read more

Biden administration’s plan to curb toxic ‘forever chemicals’ | Environmental News

The Biden administration is launching a broad strategy to regulate toxic industrial compounds linked to serious health problems used in products ranging from cookware to carpets and firefighting foams. Michael Regan, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said it is taking a series of actions to limit pollution from a cluster of long-lasting chemicals … Read more

Impact on health and wellness across the metro region – CBS Detroit

Southfield (CBS Detroit) – Three women who are making a difference—Colonel Felicia L. Burks, Najah Bazzy and Ariana Kabodian—appear on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” this Sunday (8 p.m.) to talk about the health and well-being of our region (as we note from Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Family History Month). Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, … Read more

US inflation rises to new record | Business and economic news

US producer prices continued to climb last month, climbing to their biggest annual increase ever. The inflation trend in the United States is still very much alive. The Producer Price Index (PPI) — which measures the prices companies receive for their goods and services — rose 8.6 percent in September from the same period a … Read more

Interest in Tasmanian hobby farms is rising as mainlanders look to change their lifestyle

Small farms in Tasmania have become extremely popular as people pursue the hobby farm dream of production and self-sufficiency. Most important points: Tasmania’s popularity of small farms has skyrocketed during the pandemic Many who want to buy land in Tasmania come from the mainland Inexperienced landowners can inadvertently damage the environment But before aspiring farmers … Read more

‘Urgent disaster’: Oil vessel leakage threatens millions of Yemenis | Environmental News

An oil spill involving a deteriorating tanker off the coast of Yemen could potentially disrupt the food and water supplies to millions of people in the conflict-ravaged country, as well as beyond, in an environmental disaster that would be felt across the region. A team of researchers from Stanford University, Harvard University and UC Berkeley … Read more

African agriculture without African farmers | Agriculture

With the passing of the United Nations’ highly controversial Food Systems Summit last month, the task of ‘feeding the world’ has taken on a new urgency. But one point apparently lost on those attending the summit is that the “agricultural modernization” project that many of them have supported for decades has only exacerbated food insecurity … Read more

Colombia’s avocado boom shows the hidden costs of ‘green gold’ | Agriculture News

Sonson, Colombia – Coffee farming was the economic lifeline of Riobardo Zapata’s family for generations, until the industry around him seemed to disappear. Extreme weather that scientists attribute to climate change — including prolonged droughts and heavy rains — began to devastate crops in the past decade, jeopardizing the fate of the small bean that … Read more