Apple employee, who was outspoken about discrimination, fired | Business and economic news

Janneke Parrish helped lead the #AppleToo movement to help employees speak out about workplace discrimination. An Apple employee who led colleagues to publicly share examples of what they called harassment and discrimination at the company says she has been fired. Janneke Parrish, an Apple program manager in the US, said the iPhone maker informed her … Read more

Women in China await meaningful #MeToo reforms | News about sexual violence

Shenzhen, China – Chinese business leaders and government agencies are failing to meaningfully implement or enforce policies to reduce sexual violence, harassment and gender equality, activists say, despite a recent surge in women coming forward in China to share their #MeToo stories to tell. The failure has left many women wondering if these issues are … Read more

Home vs. Office: What’s the Best Hybrid Work Mix for Employees? | Workers’ rights news

After more than 18 months at home, employees worldwide are starting to trickle back into the office. However, the ‘great return’ has been slow. Plans have been delayed and confusion has arisen as companies navigate local COVID rules, concerns about the Delta variant, and employee needs and expectations. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon called working … Read more

Harry & Meghan Join Socially Conscious ESG Investment Craze | News about sustainability

Prince Harry and Meghan join the hottest investment trend in recent years – ESG – a form of investing that promises positive returns for people and the planet, but is increasingly accused of ‘greenwashing’. Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have molded themselves into recognizable, compassionate royals who use their celebrity … Read more

Infographic: Nobel Laureates 1901-2021 | Infographic news

Tanzanian author Abdulrazak Gurnah is the latest recipient of a Nobel Prize. On Thursday, the Swedish Academy announced Gurnah won the top prize in literature for his “uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialism and the plight of the refugee in the divide between cultures and continents”. The 2021 Nobel season continues, with … Read more

Egypt’s Sisi appoints 98 women to positions in State Council

Egypt’s Sisi appoints 98 women to positions in State Council Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has announced the appointment of 98 women to the State Council in a landmark decree issued on Tuesday, October 5. According to the decree, 48 women of the National Court of Justice and the Administrative Prosecutor and 50 women of … Read more

Gender pay gap: Australia ranked poorly in new international report

Australia tied for last in one area compared to five other countries in a major survey of people’s pay packages. Australia has tied for the last place in a ranking of the gender pay gap in six countries, according to a new major international report. The report, published by King’s College London with help from … Read more

Activision Blizzard Creates $18 Million Fund After Harassment Lawsuit | Business and economic news

The high-profile gaming company said it would create an $18 million fund to compensate people who were harassed or discriminated against in its workplace. Activision Blizzard, the video game maker facing mounting legal troubles over allegations of a toxic workplace culture, has reached a settlement with U.S. workplace discrimination regulators. The company, one of the … Read more

Women of color in the US still face bigger barriers at work: Report | Business and economic news

Women working in the United States are more burned out than a year ago, while commitments to promote diversity, equality and inclusion are not leading to better workplace experiences for women of color, a report published Monday found. McKinsey & Company and’s seventh volume report on Women in the Workplace examined data from 423 … Read more

UNDP’s Steiner on the Climate Statistics Keeping Him Up at Night | Business and economic news

UNDP’s Steiner on the Climate Statistics Keeping Him Up at Night |  Business and economic news

New York City, United States – The world must use trillions of dollars in coronavirus recovery and stimulus to ensure countries have green economies, Achim Steiner, administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), told Al Jazeera. Steiner, Friday’s co-chairman High-level dialogue on energy (HLDE) at the UN, says the event is an opportunity for … Read more