How to buy a carbon-conscious fund in wake of Supreme Court EPA ruling

The Supreme Court last week limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change – and that may leave eco-conscious investors wondering what they can do. Certain investment managers offer funds meant to promote values ​​such as environmental preservation and social good, and those funds have become more popular … Read more

Picking a socially responsible fund can be confusing. Here’s what to know

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These key steps can help women close the retirement savings gap

moodboard | Image Source | Getty Images Women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to retirement planning. Unfortunately, research shows female workers are coming up short compared to their male counterparts. The good news is there is room for women workers to take steps now to improve their prospects for better-quality retirement, … Read more

How to solve the issue of women doing more ‘dead-end’ work tasks

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By the numbers, corporate progress on gender diversity is a failure

Klaus Vedfelt | DigitalVision | Getty Images When Anat Ashkenazi became CFO of Eli Lilly in 2021, she noticed a data point that was frustrating: she was the only female CFO in the biopharma sector. Her path had been relatively easy, she says, moving to the US from Israel 21 years ago and coming from … Read more

Here’s what every woman needs to know about investing

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New guaranteed income experiments inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

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65% of women would buy a home before marrying. These tips can help

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