Quirinale, the decisive treasure of those 149 votes of the centrist “big party”

Now the center is starting to appeal to everyone. Because it is an agglomeration, liquid, of 149 parliamentarians at this time. And it is not little at all, it is indeed a lot to decide who will go to the Colle in February and, if necessary, to provide a basis for the continuation of Draghi … Read more

Colombia, most wanted ‘narco’ in the country – Latin America

Colombia’s most wanted drug dealer, Dario Antonio Usuga, better known as ‘Otoniel’, has been arrested. This was announced by the Colombian government. The head of the Gulf clan, the most powerful and feared cocaine drug trafficking group in the world, will face numerous trials for various crimes. Above Usuga’s head was a bounty of up … Read more

For Gérard Larcher, Zemmour is not racist but “hysterizes the debate”

The polemicist’s success is due to: “waivers” of the right to immigration and security, said Senate President LR in an interview with sunday newspaper. Senate President LR Gérard Larcher believes that far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour “Hysterizes the Debate” but is not racist and is the result of “waivers” of the right to immigration and security, … Read more

Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority says sacred sites could be damaged at McArthur River Mine, harbor

Multiple sacred sites at a major Australian mine and nearby harbor are at risk of “damage” and “desecration” from current works and a proposed extension, the Northern Territory’s Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) has warned in correspondence obtained by the ABC . Most important points: The McArthur River Mine is a zinc, lead and silver … Read more

Extended super bonus (but excluding villas), early retirement with Quota 102 and the VAT on sanitary towels: the measures of the maneuver

The expected extension of the Super bonus to 110 percent comes. But in the middle. They can also benefit from the tax reduction in 2023 only flats. So no expansion for villas, detached houses, single-family houses and functionally independent houses. A way to reduce the cost of the renewal. According to ENEA data, there were … Read more

when François Hollande invites himself to the countryside

On the occasion of the release of his new book, confront, and for a tour of France, the former head of state fires all the woods in an interview with the Parisian, does not completely rule out the idea that it is a refuge. President of the Republic from 2012 to 2017, François Hollande is … Read more

Valérie Pécresse proposes to delete “150,000 positions in the administration”

“It is not about humiliating the public service (…) but the costs have to be reduced”, justifies the candidate for the nomination LR, who wants “extra posts for justice, education and care”. Valérie Pécresse, candidate for the nomination of the right to the presidential elections, proposes to delete “150,000 jobs in administrationDuring the next five-year … Read more

Macron condemns attacks on European law, ‘old French disease’

The president of the republic alluded to the attacks of several presidential candidates, including Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier on the right. Emmanuel Macron on Monday condemned the questioning of European law, “old french disease“, In reference to the attacks in this direction of several presidential candidates for 2022 including Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier … Read more

Most terrifying ways the government is spying on you

There he is, sitting in the corner of your house while your family is having dinner, watching you on the treadmill at the gym, following you to the bathroom at work, mumbling and taking notes on a weathered yellow notepad . While it’s hard to remember a time before Marty, as if Marty wasn’t a … Read more

Pécresse recalls that in the same year 22 police officers were murdered by the FLN

Guest of the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury this Sunday, the presidential candidate regretted Emmanuel Macron’s silence about the crimes of the FLN. «I would have liked the president to call out the 22 dead police officers who were murdered by the FLN in the same year, in 1961.», Valérie Pécresse confirmed at the microphone of … Read more