Expanded health care subsidies stay intact under Inflation Reduction Act

FatCamera | E+ | Getty Images Households that get help paying for health insurance through the public marketplace are likely to continue qualifying for more generous subsidies under a congressional bill moving closer to final approval. The Inflation Reduction Act, which cleared the Senate on Sunday, includes an extension of temporarily expanded health insurance subsidies … Read more

Average premiums for Medicare Part D are set to dip next year

dusanpetkovic | iStock | Getty Images Medicare beneficiaries may see their premiums for prescription drug coverage dip in 2023, although their deductibles might rise. The average basic monthly premium for Medicare Part D is projected to be about $31.50 next year, down 58 cents, from $32.08 in 2022, according to the Centers for Medicare & … Read more

Senate reconciliation has ‘once in a generation’ prescription reform

FatCamera | E+ | Getty Images As individuals and families grapple with surging prices, there’s one category that has a history of rising faster than inflation: prescription drugs. Now, the new Senate reconciliation bill put forward by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., and Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va., aims to help give Americans relief from … Read more

Gaps in access to paid leave lead to financial hardships, report finds

Mayte Torres | Torque | Getty Images The Covid-19 pandemic helped shed light on the need for increased access to paid leave for US workers. Yet more than two years into the pandemic, there are still gaps in access to those benefits. That leaves many workers vulnerable to financial hardships, a new report from the … Read more

Medicare telehealth would be extended under bill poised for House vote

As many Medicare beneficiaries know, having a doctor’s appointment via video on a laptop or tablet became standard when the pandemic hit. That method of delivering remote care — known as telehealth — to many retirees and most people in the over-65 crowd may have some staying power, at least for now. House lawmakers are … Read more

Bernstein calls medtech company Dexcom a clear buy, citing long-term runway for diabetes management

Medical tech company Dexcom is primed for big gains ahead, Bernstein said Friday. The firm initiated Dexcom with an outperform rating and a price target of $ 105 per share. That target represents a roughly 37% upside from where shares of the company closed at $ 76.50 on Thursday. “DXCM is a clear buy over … Read more

What it’s like working for an abortion provider right now

When Kawanna Shannon saw the news Friday morning that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights, the first thing she felt was anger. Then came immense sadness. Shannon is the director of patient access with the Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, which encompasses several health centers … Read more

Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision could affect health insurance coverage

Golero | E + | Getty Images Even when Roe v. Wade was in effect and women had the legal right to an abortion no matter where they lived in the US, health insurance coverage of the procedure was limited. Many states restrict what plans can cover, and a decadeslong national law bans the use … Read more

A possible reduction for Medicare Part B premiums is still in play

Choreograph | iStock | Getty Images For Medicare beneficiaries wondering whether their Part B premiums could be reduced, the waiting continues. More than three months after Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra ordered a reassessment of this year’s $ 170.10 standard monthly premium – a bigger-than-expected jump from $ 148.50 in 2021 – it … Read more

Inflation could mean a big Social Security cost-of-living adjustment in 2023

Sporrer / Rupp | Image Source | Getty Images Social Security beneficiaries started 2022 with a 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment to their monthly checks, the highest increase in about 40 years. But as inflation climbs with each month, the buying power of those benefit increases has diminished. The Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers, or … Read more