What travelers need to know as airlines deal with lost, delayed bags

Tim Boyle | Getty Images News | Getty Images Air travel has been rocky this summer – and baggage problems factor among many other issues for travelers like flight cancellations and delays. Nearly 220,000 bags were “mishandled” by US airlines in April 2022, meaning they were lost, damaged, delayed or stolen, according to most recent … Read more

What to know about special needs trusts, from costs to finding help

Yagi Studio | Digitalvision | Getty Images Special needs trusts are essential for the well-being of a person with special needs, experts say. “The most important reason for a special needs trust is that individuals with special needs are often unable to make appropriate financial decisions for themselves and / or are at risk of … Read more

Here’s the insurance advisors say you’ll need at each stage of life

Eric Audras / Getty Images What type of insurance should you have at different stages of your life? When asked, financial advisors pointed to disability and life insurance as the most important kind of coverage at any stage, as they apply throughout our lives. In addition, advisors discussed often overlooked considerations for different points in … Read more