Security, stability needed to usher in new government: Libya FM Najla Mangoush

Libya’s chief diplomat says the transitional government is working to hold much-anticipated elections later this year, but security and political and economic stability are necessary for a peaceful transition to a new government. Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush spoke to The Associated Press late Friday in the capital Tripoli, a day after the Libyan government organized … Read more

The elected government will continue to withdraw mercenaries

Libyan Foreign Minister Najla al-Manqoush said in an exclusive interview with “Al Arabiya” channel that the elected government will continue to withdraw mercenaries and foreign troops. Al-Manqoush stated that “pressing the departure of all mercenaries will be an obstacle to the elections, because the departure of mercenaries is a complex issue, and it will not … Read more

Thousands of refugees and migrants call for Libya evacuation | Migration News

Thousands of refugees and migrants have camped outside a United Nations center in Tripoli for three weeks and have called for evacuation from Libya after large-scale raids in which thousands were arrested. The renewed calls to the sit-in come even as the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said it had suspended operations in the Libyan capital … Read more

Libyan stability conference confirms election and rejection of foreign interference

The final statement of the International Ministerial Conference in Support of the Stability of Libya confirmed its complete rejection of any interference in Libyan internal affairs and that the National Unity Government led by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba supports the results of the “5 + 5” Joint Military Committee. The statement announced last night, Thursday, by … Read more

Libya conference communiqué calls for steps to enable December 24 elections

The Libyan stabilization conference ended on Thursday with a communiqué highlighting the need for confidence-building steps to enable fair, transparent and inclusive elections on December 24, Libyan Foreign Minister Najla El-Mangoush said on Thursday. At a joint press conference with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Ahmed Al-Sabah, the Libyan minister added that the communiqué cited a commitment … Read more

Libyan conference seeks to increase support for historic elections | News

Libya’s fragile unity government receives senior foreign officials to rally support for thorny transition issues as the war-torn country gears up for a landmark election. Thursday’s conference comes two months ahead of scheduled presidential elections as part of a United Nations-led peace process that aims to end a decade of conflict and chaos. Tripoli has … Read more

African envoys make ‘reconciliation trip’ to Libya ahead of December presidential election

Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso, the African Union (AU) pointman on Libya, sent a “reconciliation mission” to the conflict-ravaged North African country on Monday ahead of presidential elections due there in December, official sources said. The AU’s mission will include “information, evaluation but also mediation on the process ahead of the presidential elections to be … Read more

China…Test a hypersonic missile that can carry nuclear warheads – Sky News Arabia

China…Test a hypersonic missile that can carry nuclear warheadsSky News Arabia China surprises America with an unprecedented missile… and officials: great progress!Arabia Chinese “secret” weapon in orbitLebanon Going beyond the speed of sound… a “terrifying” Chinese weapon orbiting the EarthSky News Arabia Sky News Arabia See full coverage of the news on Google News . … Read more