Biden is set to sign the largest climate bill in history. These stocks could see the biggest boost

The largest climate funding package in US history is on its way to President Joe Biden’s desk, with initiatives that could permanently alter the nation’s energy system. The implications across the clean energy space are vast, with the bill touching just about every industry from solar to wind, hydrogen, nuclear, electric vehicles and more nascent … Read more

How to invest behind the sweeping climate and health care package that could soon become law

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Morningstar strategist on Tesla, electric vehicle EV-related stocks

Tesla shares have plummeted this year amid the broader tech rout, and Morningstar’s chief US market strategist thinks its fortunes may not improve any time soon. After rallying nearly 50% last year, shares of the electric vehicle maker has dived by more than 40% year-to-date. “We think Tesla is fairly valued at this point… I … Read more

Lithium’s vital role in the energy transition sends prices to record highs. How to play it

The all-electric future, where homes, cars and buildings run on clean energy depends on a host of raw materials, but perhaps one more than the rest: lithium. Prices for the key metal have shot up over the last year as projections suggest demand is going to vastly outstrip supply. On one side there’s automakers promising … Read more

The Salton Sea could produce the world’s greenest lithium

About 40 miles north of the California-Mexico border lies the shrinking, landlocked lake known as the Salton Sea. Once the epicenter of a thriving resort community, water contamination and decades of drought have contributed to a collapse of the lake’s once vibrant ecosystem, and given rise to ghost towns. But amid this environmental disaster, the … Read more

These metals are key to future tech and the energy transition. Here’s how to invest in them

Mineral inputs need to rise sixfold in the next two decades to fuel the move to green energy. This is what investors need to know.