Consumer sentiment matters more than inflation and unemployment numbers–and it has never been so bad for so long

Much like the unemployment rate, inflation numbers can miss the mark on properly reflecting a country’s economic mood because these figures offer an incomplete picture of a country’s economic health. Consumer sentiment, on the other hand, reflects our attitudes about the current state of the economy and expectations about its trajectory. And by all accounts, … Read more

Crypto bosses like me are having to let go of some of the most talented people in America. Here’s why you should jump on hiring crypto castaways

Crypto winter has arrived–and it’s chilly out there for the thousands of employees being laid off in response to the sector’s worst downturn in several years. I should know. My cryptocurrency company is one of the many that had to reduce staff earlier this year when the crypto market tumbled. Simply put, we were overstaffed … Read more

VC funding is drying up. Here’s a four-time founder’s guide to surviving a market downturn

Over the past few months, the startup community has been hit particularly hard by economic uncertainty. Following unprecedented losses, SoftBank signaled that they would cut headcount and exit stakes in some of their most noteworthy investments. Leading venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator have issued stark warnings to founders telling them to … Read more

Here come the Roarin’ 20s. Invest until it hurts

In many respects, recent history has been perfectly miserable. With every news cycle, the world seems to be getting darker and darker. The pandemic has made us worry about loved ones. The quarantines were brutally isolating. Then came the shortages. To top it all off, the financial markets went haywire in 2022, destroying more wealth … Read more