Morgan Stanley’s stocks to top Q2 estimates

Earnings season is getting underway – and it’s expected to be a big one. Market watchers are predicting lower earnings and more subdued guidance as the impact of a series of rate hikes takes hold. But Morgan Stanley’s European strategists believe this results season will outperform expectations – as it is essentially backward looking – … Read more

Stock fund manager is beating the market and has tips for investors

It’s a tough year to be in the stock market, given the seemingly never-ending cycle of gyrations. Inflationary pressures remain elevated and with the Federal Reserve poised to pursue a more aggressive rate hike policy, a recession could be on cards. So how should investors trade this volatility? Fund manager Freddie Lait, a long-term investor, … Read more

Investment banks say it’s time to get back into China, with Goldman naming 10 top stocks

China’s reopening after weeks of big-city lockdowns is “enticing” investors, according to HSBC, while Goldman Sachs has named a raft of stocks it says are at attractive valuations. Both Shanghai and Beijing have started to relax their Covid restrictions after weeks of strict lockdowns. This opening-up – combined with soaring government investment and plummeting stock … Read more

Winners of inflation investment cycle

Goldman Sachs says we’re entering a new, “postmodern” investment cycle. Here’s what the bank thinks is in store – and the stocks investors should own to cash in. The emerging cycle – post the Covid pandemic – is likely to be driven by different economic conditions and priorities, leading to new investment opportunities, the bank … Read more

As the U.S. dollar trades at a 20-year high, Bernstein says these global stocks could benefit

Bernstein has named a raft of global stocks that it says could benefit from the rising strength of the US dollar.

Here's a bunch of Wall Street's top global stocks to own right now

Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Bernstein have named their top stocks for the months ahead.

Investors bet on obesity drugs before without much success. Why this next wave could be different

New obesity treatments are helping patients lose 15% or more of their body weight, and changing attitudes could expand access to treatments.