This 32-year-old grosses $431,000 a year from real estate investments—how he earns passive rental income

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18% of Americans plan to increase stock market investments this year

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How to buy more than $10,000 in nearly risk-free I bonds this year

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Social Security may have underpaid students by about $59.5 million

Kevin Dodge | The Image Bank | Getty Images About 14,470 students may have been underpaid $ 59.5 million in Social Security benefits, according to estimates from the Social Security Office of the Inspector General in a recent audit. The organization, which provides independent oversight of the Social Security Administration’s programs and operations, conducted an … Read more

How one non-profit is helping single moms disrupt the cycle of poverty

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How to teach your kids to have a healthy relationship with money

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Social Security taxes up to $147,000 in wages. That could change

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Many cash-strapped Americans feel sting as the cost of living spikes

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Students at this high school are learning to invest with real money

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