New guaranteed income experiments inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

Muhammad Yungai’s mural ‘We Shall Always March Ahead’ is displayed next to the Privado Grooming Barbershop in Atlanta’s Vine City neighborhood. Raymond Boyd | Michael Ochs Archive | Getty Images The legendary civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., grew up preaching at Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta. Soon, that neighborhood will also be … Read more

Why ‘early retirement is one of the worst money mistakes’ you’ll regret, says Harvard economist

As an economist, it’s not in my DNA to draw blows. So I want to be honest: for most Americans, early retirement is not just a decision to take the longest vacation of their lives – it’s one of the biggest money mistakes they will regret. The reason is simple: We as a group are … Read more

65% of women would buy a home before marrying. These tips can help

Anna Mascall pictured in front of the house in Easton, Pa., She recently purchased. “To be able to say I own a home, I did like the American dream,” she said. Courtesy: Anna Lee Mascall After several years of renting, Anna Mascall, 30, decided she wanted to buy her own home. Then the Covid-19 pandemic … Read more

Student loan debt hurts the mental health of most borrowers

Kate Quick, 43, said her student loan debt is causing stress and anxiety for her and her family. Courtesy: Kate Quick When Kate Quick, 43, completed her master’s degree in art at the University of Alaska Fairbanks 22 years ago, she had borrowed about $ 30,000. Now she owes nearly $ 48,000, even after several … Read more