How to save money on summer cooling bills as energy prices rise

A pedestrian uses an umbrella to get some relief from the sun as she walks past a sign displaying the temperature on June 20, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. Ralph Freso | Getty Images Tips for efficient energy use Most cooling systems use electricity, so making sure your home is running as efficiently as possible can … Read more

‘We’ve been to London, Rome and Lisbon’

My wife and I love to travel. In the five years that we’ve been together, we’ve made many unforgettable memories during our trips abroad. But in July 2021, we took a Greek Isles cruise for my wife’s 49th birthday that truly changed our lives. As we sat in our ocean view cabin, we talked about … Read more

70% of retirees wish they’d started saving for retirement earlier

Sporrer / Rupp | Image Source | Getty Images The biggest piece of advice that people in retirement would pass along to their younger selves is simple: start saving earlier for the end of your career. Roughly 70% of retirees said that changing their habits to save or invest more and earlier is the top … Read more

What stagflation is, and how to prepare for it

Runaway inflation has raised fears that the economy is headed towards a return of stagflation but a host of Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC believe there remain opportunities for investors to safely navigate this tricky backdrop. UCG | Getty Images What is stagflation? Stagflation is a term coined in the 1970s … Read more

Inflation augurs record 2023 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment

Image Source | Getty Images New government inflation data came in hotter than expected last week. If record-high prices do not subside, that will lead to a higher Social Security cost-of-living adjustment in 2023. Yet even with a more generous boost to benefits next year, there’s a growing campaign to change the way those annual … Read more

Racial justice organizations ask Congress to reinstate child tax credit

A demonstration organized by the ParentsTogether Foundation in support of the child tax credit portion of the Build Back Better bill outside the US Capitol on Dec. 13, 2021. Sarah Silbiger / Bloomberg via Getty Images How the child tax credit helped families The child tax credit was enhanced as part of President Joe Biden’s … Read more

The pandemic stimulus checks were a big experiment. Did it work?

People rally during a demonstration in support of Covid-19 relief, organized by Shutdown DC, on the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Feb. 25, 2021. Al Drago | Getty Images When the US began to shut down the wake of the onset of Covid-19, it meant millions of families were suddenly without the income they … Read more

Inflation continues to surge. Here’s what people will spend more on

Regular unleaded gasoline was $ 4.69 a gallon (cash) at a Houston Exxon Mobil station on June 9, 2022. Gas prices are breaking record highs as demand increases and supply fails to keep up. Brandon Bell | Getty Images News | Getty Images Americans are still grappling with the worst inflation in roughly 40 years, … Read more

Sanders, Warren bill would extend Social Security’s solvency, expand benefits

Late. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., And Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., At the 10th Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season in Charleston, South Carolina, on Feb. 25, 2020. Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., And Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Introduced a new bill on Thursday that aims to extend Social … Read more

$150 oil won’t cripple economy, market: J.P. Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic

JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic predicts oil is surging higher – but so are stocks. Kolanovic, who serves as the firm’s chief global markets strategist and co-head of global research, believes the US economy is strong enough to handle oil prices as high as $ 150 a barrel. “There could be some potential further spikes in … Read more