No free movement clause in UN deal for Rohingya on island: Report | Rohingya News

The leaked copy of the agreement shows that it does not guarantee that refugees can travel freely to mainland Bangladesh. An agreement for the United Nations to work on a remote island in Bangladesh where the government has sent thousands of Rohingya refugees, according to a copy of the agreement, does not guarantee that they … Read more

US sees ‘ambitious’ target for refugee resettlement | Migration News

Washington, DC- Delivering on a campaign promise, President Joe Biden formally last week announced that the United States would allow up to 125,000 refugees into the country this fiscal year — doubling last year’s limit. But whether the US will be able to meet this new increased limit is uncertain, resettlement agencies say, amid continuing … Read more

Syrian man found dead at Polish-Belarusian border | Migration News

Documents found on the body revealed he was a 24-year-old Syrian man, the latest in a string of deaths at the border. Polish police said they found the body of a Syrian migrant near the border with Belarus, the latest dead among people trying to cross the eastern border of the European Union through dense … Read more

A letter to a refugee child who has to ‘survive’ in a new country | refugees

Dear refugee child in the first year of arrival in a new country, Your mother, who everyone says was beautiful in the old country, isn’t here in the new. She had to cut her long hair to get a job in the factory. The aunts who have been in this country for a long time … Read more

UN denounces violence against migrants in Libya, calls for investigation | Refugee news

UN human rights agency demands an investigation into the deadly shooting of migrants fleeing a crackdown in Libya. Libyan security forces used “unnecessary and disproportionate” force to detain African migrants and shot dead some of those trying to escape, the UN human rights agency said when it demanded an investigation into the violence. Hundreds of … Read more

Afghans are the next victims of Italy’s war on refugees | refugees

Time for a quick quiz: who is ultimately the biggest victim of the entire Afghan crisis? If you answered “Italy”, you would be right – at least in the eyes of the Italian right wing. For starters, take a recent article in the Italian newspaper Il Tempo, which warns that the Taliban’s recapture of Afghanistan … Read more

‘Unprecedented’ hunger in Lebanon as fuel crisis raises food costs | Hunger News

Beirut, Lebanon – Mohammad sat in the smaller supermarket where he worked, flipping through the pages of a notebook filled with a long list of customers who owed debts to the store. “More and more people are struggling with money and are asking us to make them pay later,” the 30-year-old Syrian refugee from Deraa … Read more

The Taliban are ‘increasingly interested’ in those trying to leave Afghanistan as Australian citizens look for a way out

More than 280 Australian citizens or permanent residents remain stranded in Afghanistan nearly two months after the Taliban seized power in Kabul. the main points: The group consists of 129 Australian citizens and 157 visa holders Australia has received more than 26,000 applications for humanitarian visas from Afghanistan But the government’s humanitarian program has so … Read more

Guards at Libyan detention center kill six migrants in crackdown | Migration News

The IOM says overcrowding at a detention center in Tripoli has led to chaos. Guards at a Libyan detention center have shot dead six migrants, the United Nations agency for migration said, amid an ongoing violent crackdown on refugees and asylum seekers. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday that overcrowding at the … Read more