Robots are here but they still can’t do much

Amazon’s Astro home robot Amazon Electronics companies have, for years, paraded around flashy, futuristic prototypes of consumer robots. They’ve pointed to a not-too-distant future where people will have roaming robot helpers around their home that can do the dishes or even act as a personal masseuse. So far, few of those predictions have panned out, … Read more

NATO outlines climate strategy amid Russia’s war in Ukraine

A naval exercise led by US Naval Forces Europe-Africa, and executed by the NATO Naval Striking and Support Forces, in the Baltic Sea on June 6, 2022. Russia’s onslaught in Ukraine is almost certain to eclipse other security concerns at NATO’s Madrid summit this week. Jonathan Nackstrand | Afp | Getty Images The super-polluting military … Read more

Goldman says buy the pullback in oil and other commodities

Commodities’ blistering rally has cooled in recent weeks as recession fears hit the outlook for future demand, and Goldman Sachs believes the pullback is a buying opportunity. Jeff Currie, Goldman’s global head of commodities research, told “Squawk Box” on Monday that the setup across the energy sector is “incredibly bullish.” “At the core of our … Read more

Exxon Mobil CEO Darren Woods wants higher price on carbon

Exxon Mobil CEO Darren Woods would like the US government to help incentivize some of the clean energy innovations his company is developing, like biofuels and direct air capture of carbon dioxide. In an interview with CNBC’s David Faber, the leader of one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world said direct … Read more

Elon Musk had a bad week at Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter

Elon Musk pauses and looks down as he speaks during a press conference at SpaceX’s Starbase facility near Boca Chica Village in South Texas on February 10, 2022. Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images In what’s been a particularly eventful year for Elon Musk, this was a decidedly rough week. Tesla’s stock, which has … Read more

SpaceX fires employees after internal letter criticizes CEO Elon Musk

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk participates in a postlaunch news conference inside the Press Site auditorium at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 30, 2020, following the launch of the agency’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station. NASA / Kim Shiflett SpaceX has fired at least five employees involved in circulating a … Read more

FAA SpaceX Starship environmental review clears Texas program to move forward

A Starship prototype stands on the company’s launchpad in Boca Chica, Texas on March 16, 2022. SpaceX The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday concluded a long-awaited assessment of SpaceX’s Starship rocket program in Texas, requiring Elon Musk’s company to make environmental adjustments in order to move forward with its plans. FAA released two key documents … Read more

A.I. gurus are leaving Big Tech to work on buzzy new start-ups

DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, who recently left his VP of AI product management and AI policy role at Google, also co-founded the machine learning start-up Inflection AI. Suleyman has already hired several of his former colleagues. Bloomberg | Getty Images Artificial intelligence gurus are quitting top jobs at companies like Google, Meta, OpenAI and DeepMind … Read more

Diseases suppressed during Covid are back

Dowell | Moment | Getty Images The Covid-19 pandemic has abated in much of the world and, with it, many of the social restrictions implemented to curb its spread, as people have been eager to return to pre-lockdown life. But in its place have emerged a series of viruses behaving in new and peculiar ways. … Read more

GM, Lockheed take lunar rover project to the commercial space market

MILFORD, Mich. – General Motors and Lockheed Martin said Thursday they plan to produce an array of moon-roving vehicles for commercial space missions and services powered by the automaker’s electric vehicle battery technology. The companies said they plan to test the batteries in space later this year, with the goal of having their first vehicle … Read more