US admits drone strike in Afghanistan killed seven children and other civilians

US admits drone strike in Afghanistan killed seven children and other civilians The site of a US military drone strike in Afghanistan. Credit: Xinhua/Shutterstock Following recent investigative reports from the New York Times and the Washington Post, US authorities admitted on Friday that one of the last drone strikes in Afghanistan, days before the full … Read more

Plane with 170 on board, including US and European citizens, departs from Kabul for Doha

Third chartered flight bringing citizens from Afghanistan to Qatar since US troops withdrew last month took off on Friday with about 170 passengers on board, including US and European citizens and Afghans, a Qatari official said. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Qatar’s capital at 1630 GMT (12:30 a.m. EDT), they said. For the … Read more

Taliban say Afghan boys’ school should be reopened, girls not mentioned


[ad_1] “All teachers and male students should go to school,” the statement said. Afghan schools will open for boys from Saturday. More than a month after the movement took the capital, Kabul, most educational institutions have remained closed as the Taliban struggled to reopen the economy and restore normal life in the cities. In some … Read more

Taliban replace women’s affairs ministry with vice and virtue department

The Taliban appeared on Friday to shut down the government’s women’s ministry and replace it with a branch notorious for enforcing strict religious doctrines during their first rule two decades ago. Workers were seen lifting a sign for the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the old Women’s Affairs building … Read more

Taliban replace ministry of women with ministry of virtue and vice


[ad_1] The Taliban had said that women should not work in ministries with men Workers in the Afghan capital, Kabul, replaced signs for the country’s women’s ministry with those for the Taliban moral police on Friday, after former female officials of the department said they had been locked out of the building. According to Reuters … Read more

Putin says Russia must cooperate with the Taliban

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that a security bloc led by Moscow and Beijing must lead the way to ensure the Taliban deliver on their promises to prevent terrorism and drug trafficking. The Kremlin chief said the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) should “use its potential” to “promote the new Afghan authorities” in fulfilling their … Read more

Afghans who fled Panjshir: ‘Everything can change by the hour’ | Taliban news

Kabul, Afghanistan Since the Taliban claimed “complete control” of the Panjshir Valley in northeast Afghanistan earlier this month, the group has been accused of “widespread atrocities” that forced many Afghans to flee the province – the last remaining enclave of resistance against the group’s rule. “We didn’t even know what was happening in the next … Read more

Afghan Ministry of Finance is working on paying public sector salaries

The Afghan government is working to solve a series of problems that have held up the salaries of public sector workers, the finance ministry said Thursday. Taliban administration struggles to revive the stalled economy. Even before the move took Kabul last month, many public sector workers said they had gone unpaid for weeks, and with … Read more

Taliban thank world for $1 billion aid pledge to Afghanistan, urge US to show their heart


[ad_1] The Taliban also asked Washington to show appreciation for the complete withdrawal of US troops (File) Acceptance: The Taliban thanked the world on Tuesday for pledging hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency aid to Afghanistan, urging the United States to show “heart” to the impoverished country. A donor conference in Geneva ended Monday … Read more

Dutch foreign minister resigns due to crisis in Afghanistan

Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigned on Thursday after lawmakers announced her handling of the… Afghan evacuation crisis. “The House believes that the government has acted irresponsibly. And although I keep our promise, as the minister with ultimate responsibility, I can only accept the consequences of this verdict,” Kaag said in a statement to the … Read more