Still missing your tax refund? You’ll soon receive 5% interest

Bill Oxford | E + | Getty Images If you’re still waiting for a tax refund, there’s a silver lining: it may be accruing interest, and the rate jumps to 5% from 4% on July 1, according to the agency’s latest quarterly adjustment. Typically, the IRS has 45 days after the filing deadline to process … Read more

How to buy more than $10,000 in nearly risk-free I bonds this year

Chris Ryan | Getty Images I bonds have surged in popularity as riskier assets slip. The bonds are backed by the federal government, the principal does not lose value and the bonds earn monthly interest through two parts, a fixed rate and a variable rate. Currently, the variable component will pay a record 9.62% annual … Read more

The IRS has sent more than 78 million refunds. How to check on yours

If you filed a last-minute tax return, you may see your 2021 refund faster than you’d expect. Nine out of 10 refunds have arrived within 21 days this season, according to the IRS. As of April 15, the agency has issued more than 78 million refunds worth over $ 242 billion in total, and the … Read more

How to decide whether to spend or save your tax refund

Ahead of Tax Day, the IRS has issued more than 70 million refunds, at an average of $ 3,256. That’s over $ 400 more than last year, when the average refund was just above $ 2,800. For many Americans, a lump-sum payment of this size is rare and it’s tempting to squander it. Still, a … Read more

There’s another sneaky tax deadline on April 18. How to avoid a penalty

Prathanchorruangsak | Istock | Getty Images With one week left to file your federal taxes, it’s easy to overlook another sneaky deadline: the due date for first-quarter estimated tax payments. If you have income from self-employment, a small business, gig economy work, investments and more, you must make a payment by April 18. You need … Read more

The tax deadline is 10 days away. Here’s the average refund so far

bymuratdeniz | iStock | Getty Images There are 10 days until April 18, the tax deadline for most Americans, and the IRS has already sent more than 63 million refunds worth over $ 204 billion in total, as of April 1, the agency reported Friday. Almost one-third of Americans do not file until the last … Read more

These are the top reasons why your tax return may be flagged by IRS

If you’re among the millions of Americans scrambling to meet the tax deadline, it’s critical to avoid errors that may flag your return or even trigger an IRS audit. The agency has processed more than 78.8 million returns as of March 25, the IRS reported Friday, including nearly 58 million refunds. But with the tax … Read more

How to avoid a tax filing rejection if last year’s return is pending

Drakula & Co. | Moment | Getty Images The IRS is backlogged and still sifting through tens of millions of pending returns, including many of last year’s filings. If your 2020 return is part of the pileup, there’s a special step for your 2021 electronic filing. The agency processed more than 61.9 million returns as … Read more

There are 4 weeks until the tax filing deadline

Tom Werner | DigitalVision | Getty Images If you have not filed your taxes, there are four weeks until the federal deadline, which is April 18 for most Americans. Some 63.5 million payers have sent returns through March 11, according to the latest IRS filing data, with an average refund of $ 3,352. However, millions … Read more

IRS Commissioner says tax return backlog will clear by end of 2022

IRS commissioner Charles Rettig testifies during the Senate Finance Committee hearing on June 8, 2021. Tom Williams | Pool | Reuters The IRS is still digging through tens of millions of unprocessed tax returns with roughly four weeks until the 2021 filing deadline. But Commissioner Charles Rettig expects the backlog to clear by year-end. The … Read more