Celebrating the UN workers who ‘carry hope around the world’ – Global Issues

Celebrating the UN workers who ‘carry hope around the world’ – Global Issues

On the occasion of UN Day this year, UN News takes a snapshot of just one part of the world – showing the diverse contributions of former employees in Brazil. The UN country team in Brazil is celebrating the occasion by highlighting the contributions of four former staffers who have all played a role in … Read more

UN Values ​​of Peace, Development and Human Rights ‘Have No Expiration’ — Global Issues

The actual day is October 24, when the organization reaffirms each year the goals and principles that have guided it for the past 76 years. “Music reflects the profound diversity and unique contributions of cultures around the world,” said UN chief António Guterres in the concert hall – the gilded General Assembly Hall. “At the … Read more

Colombians stubbornly cling to peace gains, Security Council hears – Global Issues

That was the main message from the Special Representative and the head of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, Carlos Ruiz Massieu, delivered to the ambassadors on the Security Council on Thursday. For him, the first former conflict zone to be completely cleared of landmines and the expansion of the Truth Commission are examples of … Read more

Pink flamingos return to Kazakhstan’s capital in time for World Migratory Birds Day – Global Issues

The birds flock to Maly Taldykol, a small natural lake in the center of town, attracting admirers of nearby high-rises and all around. Historically, pink flamingos, pelicans and other migratory birds have chosen nesting sites in lakes in the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, about 130 kilometers southwest of the … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Halve Road Deaths by 2030 — Global Issues

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contain a call to action to halve the annual number of road deaths worldwide and ensure access to safe, affordable and sustainable transport for all by 2030. According to the recently launched initiative, accelerating progress in AI is key to making this happen, especially in low- and middle-income countries, where … Read more

Guterres criticizes ‘unprecedented expulsion’ of staff from Ethiopia; Calls for Focus on Saving Lives — Global Issues

Mr Guterres spoke to the… Security Council, where he inquired about the growing needs in the north, as a result of the war in the Tigray region. In light of the immense crisis, the UN chief said all efforts should be directed towards saving lives and preventing a massive human tragedy. ‘Unprecedented eviction’ “This makes … Read more

Youth-led World Food Forum kicks off — Global Issues

Virtually streaming, from Rome, the aim of the five-day event is to transform food and agriculture and help theSustainable Development Goals(SDGs ), in particular SDG 2 “No Hunger”. Pope Francis joined the opening session with young farmers, singers and innovators. “Look into the eyes of the young people who are asking for change. And listen,” … Read more

Multilateralism is still the ‘only way’ to tackle common challenges: Shahid — Global Issues

COVID-19 remains a major challenge that “will not be over until we achieve universal vaccination,” he said, announcing a plan to call a high-level meeting in January to take stock of global vaccination efforts. Noting that “humanity has seen an enormous amount of ingenuity and solidarity with the vaccines in record time,” the Assembly Speaker … Read more

Young or old, UN calls for ‘digital equality’ for all — Global Issues

In his message, the UN Secretary-General said that as every individual faces the challenge of coping with the world’s growing reliance on technology, “perhaps no population could benefit more from support than older individuals.” For António Guterres, these technologies can help older citizens keep in touch with loved ones, attend a religious service, or take … Read more

5 Things You Need to Know — Global Issues

1) What are exhibits? Expos, also known as ‘world fairs’, have existed in various forms for more than two centuries, as an opportunity for countries to showcase new technology, products and ideas. In the era before mass travel, they were one of the few ways for most people to experience other cultures and discover the … Read more