Celebrating the UN workers who ‘carry hope around the world’ – Global Issues

Celebrating the UN workers who ‘carry hope around the world’ – Global Issues

On the occasion of UN Day this year, UN News takes a snapshot of just one part of the world – showing the diverse contributions of former employees in Brazil. The UN country team in Brazil is celebrating the occasion by highlighting the contributions of four former staffers who have all played a role in … Read more

UN forced to abort humanitarian aid flight to Tigray – Global Issues

The airstrikes in Tigray’s capital, Mekelle, in the Tigray region, threatened the safety of UN personnel who are simply there “to help civilians in humanitarian need,” said deputy chief Martin Griffiths, head of the humanitarian agency. OCHA. “The UN had received no advance warning of the attacks on Mekelle and had obtained the necessary clearances … Read more

Costa Rica points the way to a sustainable world — Global Issues

UNDP / Giancarlo Pucci The tropical rainforests of Costa Rica can be found in the southwest of the country as well as in the Atlantic lowlands. Saturday, October 23, 2021 UN news Costa Rica is one of the winners of the inaugural UN-backed Earthshot Prize, in recognition of the Central American country’s efforts to reverse … Read more

Lifting the Lid on a Misunderstood Human Trafficking Crime — Global Issues

A journey of exploitation Tapping is one of the five acts that constitute an ‘act’ in the internationally recognized definition of human trafficking, and is often used by prosecutors and judges for convictions of this crime. The act can take place before and during exploitation, or between periods of abuse, in a wide variety of … Read more

Fear grows for the lives of 5 Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli prisons – Global Issues

In a statement, the experts said Israel is still detaining more than 500 Palestinians — including six children — “without charge, without trial, without conviction.” “Classified classified information” They are being held on the basis of “classified classified information” that the detainees cannot access or dispute, and they do not know “when or if they … Read more

‘Landmark decision’ gives legal teeth to protect environmental defenders – Global Issues

“I remain deeply concerned about the targeting of environmental activists,” Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, welcoming the Rapid Reaction Mechanism as “an important contribution to my Call to action for human rights”. The agreement will delegate the setting up of the new mechanism to the United Nations or another international body. As the first internationally agreed … Read more

‘Big Disappointment’ Over Lack of Agreement on Syria’s Constitution – Global Issues

The editorial process between the government co-chairs and the opposition Syrian Constitutional Committee (small editorial board) and civil society began on Monday and was led by Mr Pedersen. The aim was to produce a text that would contribute to a peaceful future for the country, after more than a decade of war. The development followed … Read more

UNICEF sounds alarm about kidnapping of women and children in Haiti — Global Issues

According to UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jean Gough, “is nowhere safe for children in Haiti.” “Whether on their way to school, at home or even at church, girls and boys are at risk of being abducted anywhere, at any time of the day or night. This is every parent’s worst … Read more

Libyan government’s plan needed to end ‘serious situation’ of asylum seekers, refugees – Global Issues

According to the UNHCR, authorities this month carried out raids and arbitrary arrests in areas largely populated by refugees and asylum seekers. This resulted in several deaths, thousands of detainees and many homeless and needy. “We have witnessed a sharp deterioration in the situation of vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees in Tripoli,” said Vincent Cochetel, … Read more

Conditions worsen for stranded migrants along the Belarus-EU border — Global Issues

The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, requested urgent action to save lives and prevent further suffering at the borders with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The latest victim was reported in recent days. UNHCR warned that the situation will deteriorate further and rapidly as winter approaches, putting more lives at risk. For Pascale Moreau, the Regional … Read more