Ukraine war latest: US and China to meet in Rome for high-level talks focusing on Ukraine

The EU is preparing a fresh round of restrictions on Russian business people, with Roman Abramovich among the intended targets, in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ambassadors from EU member states met in Brussels on Sunday to go through the proposed list, with Abramovich one of the 15 individuals being considered, according to a draft legal text seen by the Financial Times. Ambassadors are expected to reconvene on Monday to finalize the measures and convert them into law, assuming no changes are requested.

The deliberations in Brussels come after Abramovich, a prominent Russian businessman who became well known in the UK after buying Premier League football club Chelsea, was first sanctioned with a full asset freeze and travel ban by the UK last Thursday. In addition to his Russian nationality, Abramovich also holds Portuguese and Israeli citizenship.

Abramovich is to be listed in the EU because of his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and for being a considerable source of revenue to the Russian government, according to the draft legal text.

Of the 15 listed individuals, four are described as oligarchs, including Abramovich, seven as businesspeople with links to the Kremlin and four are linked to Russia’s disinformation campaign.

The final text is expected to be adopted on Monday, with no objections raised by ambassadors on Sunday to the 15 names. A spokesman for the European Commission declined to comment.

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